Friday, March 7, 2014

Home Improvement Projects

When we first bought our home, the basement had the old  style of  tiles.  The inspector of the house told us that it might contain something harmful so hubby and I decided to renovate our basement and  replaced the old rotten tiles.  We used laminate flooring on the half part of the basement while the other half, we used   tiles.  Below is the photo I took of my husband and kids when hubby got done  laying out the  laminate wood flooring.  It took him a while to finish it as it was his first time doing such project.  He watched the  "how-to" video online in order to   do the project right.  We did not have the  budget to hire a professional so we   tried our best to just  do it ourselves.

DIY home improvement projects saves a lot of money but there are also cons for doing it.  First is that, it takes a while for a project to finish.  Then you will bump into problems  when doing it  especially if you don't have an expertise in doing that kind of project.   So you see, we managed to laid out the flooring but the edges of it isn't done until now.  We still have to purchase the  stuff we need in order to  finish this.  If only we have the resources, we could hire the professionals at Flooring America because they are the leading company when it comes to  home improvement  project like this.  


  1. My husband did a lot of Home improvements in our old house. If you could just imagine sis,from fireplace-to our bedroom. Today he had enough and he is not planning to do it.Well see if he had really enough once we move.

  2. It would be nice to do home improvement projects as you have input on everything.

  3. It does save a lot of money and you get to learn and love what you do in the process too! <3

  4. Cute. It's nice to work on DIY stuff for the home, it's fun too.

  5. I'd love to do DIY to if we could finally have our own home. Although I got to agree, it's pretty hard when you're not an expert in it, best is, to also ask an advice to those who've experience in doing it!


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