Friday, September 2, 2016

Changes of Schedules in Music and Sports for our Minions

During summer break, my children's  piano teacher conducts her lesson at her home.  It's a walking distance from our house and we like this arrangement because it adds up to our  outdoor activity. She lives by the woods so we enjoy seeing wild  animals.  
 Back in June,  cicadas were thick so  my daughter wanted us to stay  at the teacher's porch because she is  scared of  cicadas.
 My son on the other hand ain't afraid of those critters.  He picks them up and  lay them in his hands.
 So we had more fun  walking around the grassy area and explore what is out there.  We usually see deer, different kinds of birds and  a lot of turkey.
 Kids nowadays don't normally go in the woods anymore.  With the  gadgets around, they tend to bury their faces in their gadgets all the time.  We discourage that for our kids.  We see to it that they go outside and enjoy what is out there to see and learn.
 Our young man love any critter out there.  I remember when he was a toddler, he picked up even a wasp lol.  He cried but that did not scare him from exploring with bugs though.  
 These mushrooms on the tree  is always his favorite thing to see.
 He always asks a bunch of questions so I always have my phoone for a backup when I can't answer his questions lol.  
 I am bummed out that he  stopped taking piano lessons but I don't want to force  him to do anything that he doesn't want or not passionate about of doing.  
 On the bright side, it works great that he stopped  taking lessons because it conflict with the time schedule of his  football practice.  They can't even do the tennis this Fall because  it is also conflict with the schedule of other things that they are doing.    
 He loves football and he wishes he can still do the tennis this Fall.  I told him that maybe, we can do it again next season.  We are however, see to it that we go play tennis  every weekend so that they won't forget what they learn during the first season that they  signed up for it.  Hubby and I learned how to play tennis through them so  that is something tht we can all do every weekend while the weather is nice.


  1. your kids are growing up fast. Good thing, mas malapit na ang piano tutor ng daughter mo, tipid time. And cicadas, is that "kuliglig" in Tagalog. If so, then nakakain na ako nyan.

  2. That's such a fun filled day with the kids! I'm sure you all had a great time.

  3. Busy, busy kids! I am glad that your daughter loves learning to play the piano. Don't feel bad that your son stopped his piano lessons. As long as he does what he is passionate about, he will definitely find success in it.

  4. Your kids will grow up to be well-rounded because you and your husband exposed them to good influences: music and sports. Good job, Mommy Rose!

  5. Oh well I guess we are on the same page in case with activities of our kids, I dont also force my kids on doing something coz your effort and their effort will just be wasted since they are not interested on it. But at least, they should choose one activity especially on summer to make themselves busy

  6. you have beautiful kids. Its nice that they have productive activities apart from school :)


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