Friday, September 2, 2016

Start A Healthy & Fun Walking Regime

Are you ready to get off the couch and launch a healthy new lifestyle? Are you intimidated by all the bikini clad models on magazine covers? Crash diets, toxic pills and insanity workouts will produce short term effects, but not a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

As you commit to getting off the couch, beware that your body will go through serious changes. You’ll experience more energy during the day. You’ll sleep better at night. You’ll increase your positive outlook on life. All these changes will be accompanied by increased cardiovascular capacity, higher levels of endurance, stronger muscles and slow, steady weight loss. Know that as you increase muscle mass, you’ll be decreasing fat reserves. Muscle weighs more than fat. Focus on how your clothes fit and the new energy levels you’ve attained – not a number on the scale.

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Grab your gift cards and invest in a pair of quality, comfortable walking shoes. Your feet will thank you. Commit to starting tomorrow. Don’t wait until Monday or the first on the month. It’s never too early to get moving. If the weather isn’t cooperating and you’re not a fan of gyms, head to your nearest big box store and start to walk the perimeter. The management will welcome you.  Plan to walk at least one hour a day. While this may seem like a stretch, it’s much easier if broken down into three twenty minute intervals. Walk in the morning, at lunch and either after work or after dinner. You’ll begin to feel changes in your body in just a few short days.
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At the beginning of your new walking regime, don’t worry about speed or distance, just concentrate on frequency and length. The speed will come and your distances will begin to increase accordingly. Have fun – you’re treating your body every time you don your tennis shoes and head out for a walk. To spice it up, change your route, include a friend or bring your favorite canine companion along. The more fun you make your walk, the more likely you will be to continue. Many walkers enjoy books on tape, podcasts or just an inspirational playlist to add to the pleasure of being outside and walking. Enjoy your walk to a healthier new you!

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