Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Alcoholic Mixer Options and Serving Suggestions

Alcoholic mixers are very popular in many cities; this is why dozens of bartenders are now giving their customers healthy options. According to experts, vodka soda and whiskey and gin are worth trying because both beverages have a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

Vodka Soda

Vodka and soda is the best choice for people on a diet. The beverage doesn’t have many calories, so you can drink it once or twice a week after you finish your fitness routines.

Whiskey and Gin

A whiskey and gin mixer is a very healthy drink option because it can be made with bourbon, which has around 97 calories per ounce. If you like flavorful beverages, this mixer won’t let you down since you can modify the ingredients to make the drink more sugary. However, before you make any adjustments, always consider the calorie count.

Serving Suggestions

If you’re going to make healthy mixers in your home before a party, try to select delicious options that will please your guests. Fruity, frozen drinks and various wines are great options for small gatherings and luncheons.

The amount of drink that you should serve will depend on the time of the day and the party theme. If everyone will attend the party at night, you can prepare and serve plenty of beverages. A great host, however, always creates a starting point so that each guest can enjoy all aspects of a party. During the first hour, all guests should get two drinks. Later, each individual should get one drink every hour until the end of the party. This formula works well during parties that have 12 guests or less.

Important Advice

When your party is over, you’ll probably have a few bottles of alcohol that are half full. If you store everything correctly, you won’t have to toss various alcoholic beverages in the trash.

After a bottle of alcohol is opened, the liquid slowly evaporates. When this process happens continuously, the favor of the beverage will be affected. This is why you may want to buy products that can seal all of your bottles efficiently.

Healthy party beverages are worth buying, but you must practice wise drinking habits since most mixers have a lot of sugar. Over time, many bartenders will develop new healthy alcohol mixers because their customers have discussions often on social media.

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