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13 Years and Counting #LOVE #Marriage #WeddingAnniversary

"As lace signifies refined beauty and elegance, so a marriage of thirteen years exemplifies polished and perfected love.  The passage of time has created a delicate but strong object of beauty."

Our marriage is not  flawless nor perfect but I can say that it becomes stronger and stronger  as years passes by.  Some people have  predicted that we won't last long but here we are, we have known each other for 14 and married for 13 years.
We are so different in so many ways but we somehow work together so well. Here are 13 things that we are so different.

1. He is opinionated, I am not..
When it comes to certain topics like politics, he voice his opinion of what he believes in and I like it because I am not into politics but he gives me plenty of ideas.  Being a former military guy, he always based his  opinion on facts so you can't really argue  with him about it.  Politics is something that his family don't really talk about because they often clash.
2.  He is a talker, I am not
What I love him being a talker is that, he doesn't just talk of nonsense, everything that he talks about  make  sense.  I am a very good listener so I love when I can learn  things from somebody who love to talk like my husband.  

3.  He is a spender , I am a saver.  He love to shop more than I do.  What I love about it is that, he can shop but he always asks my permission  about things that  he wants to buy before purchasing it.    When I was single, I live off of what I can afford, I never had a single credit card but that chanfed when I came here.   I don't like having debts as it stresses me out.  I remember when I firt got here in the US, his credit card debts is almost 14 thousand and it made me worried.   So I straightened out our finances and within a year, we paid off his  14k credit card debt.  

4.  He is a planner, I am not.    When it comes to doing trips and vacations, I always  rely on him  to do that.  He is really good in finding deals and setting up things. I do the packing and prepare all the things that we need for the trip.

5.  I love  fish, he  doesn't.  But he loves sushi  and I don't!  Wheneer  I cook fish at home, he is not  into it although he etas what I cook lol.    When we dine out though, he always  eats sushi and I have nothing to do with it.

6.  I love to  organize, he does  not.  It doesn't bother him if the house is messy but it drives me crazy.  I want things in order so when things are at mess, my brain is scattered all over the place and I can't work like that.  

7.  He is a generous gifter, I am more practical.  When I give gifts, I always  think of practical ways of what the  person needs but he loves to spend on expensive stuff.  I grew up without any  fancy stuff so it doesn't really matter what I receive as a gift.  He made me realized that over here it's different.  

8.  He tend to have Mañana Habits, I love doing things "Right now".
Whenever I want to  do things, I want to do it right away because if you put it to the next day, chances are you'll forget it.  He drives him crazy  sometimes but it makes  the things needed to be done, DONE right away.  
9.  He loves to drivem I do NOT!  When we go on a roadtrip, I feel bad for him because he does all the driving.  I have no desire in driving.  I feel like the world is a better place if I don't drive so I would love that to stay that way.  I know it is necessary as we have kids but as long as I can avoid it, I would.  My driver's license is only used for identification purposes.  I love that he respect my decision about it.
10.  He is a big Kid at Heart, I am on the Serious side  .  He loves to play with kids and I love that about him.  I am more laid back and  love to do serious stuff with the kids.  
11.  I love to cook, he does not.
My love for cooking did not start until I met him.  When I was single, I never liked to cook.  I usually buy  ready-to-eat food  because I was just living by myself.  My husband love to eat so when I met him, I thought of  learning how to cook  because my Mom used to tell me that  my husband wouldn't like it if I can't cook.  Now, I love cooking for  my kids and my husband.  He is not fond of cooking.  Although once in a while, he offers to make breakfast for us.  
12.  He love to bake, I do NOT!  
Baking is not my forte, although I bake  sometimes but I don't love it.  I think that has something to do with what we had  growing up.  We didn't have oven at our home, the very first time I  experienced baking was when I was in high school because it was one of the majors to choose from when you reach 3rd year.  I  would have loved to choose dress making but I couldn't afford to buy materials so I chose food trades as  we  do contribution for every  meal we cook or bake.   My husband on the other hand love to bake, I am so glad my daughter  got my husband's interest in baking.
13.  He love SWEETS and SALT!   Me, not so much.
When it comes to sweet, he doesn't say NO.  That's his biggest downfall in maintaining  weight (or losing).  I  can eat sweets but not too much.  My level of salt is low but  his is pretty high.

Well, that sums  up our 13th year for now.  Our differences  is what makes our relationship stronger.  Here's to more years of  love and happiness!  May God gives us both a long and healthy lives to enjoy our future grandkids.  


  1. Balance makes for the best relationships. I wish you many, many more years of happiness.

  2. Happy anniversary! Marriage, relationships in general really, are not easy and they do take work on both parts.

  3. Congrats on 13 years! Here's to many more! You have a lovely family btw!

  4. Congratulations on 13 years of marriage! It sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship.

  5. Happy anniversary and congrats on 13 years! That is definitely a huge accomplishment and you should both be proud of all the hard work you've done to keep your relationship strong.

  6. Happy Anniversary. You really have a beautiful family and I love seeing the happiness in this post!

  7. Congrats! 13 years is a long time! (said from somebody whohas been with her husband 20!)

  8. Sounds like you have a beautiful and happy family. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  9. Relationships where the partners balance each other out are the best! My husband and I have strengths & weaknesses that perfectly complement each other. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  10. This is so sweet! Happy anniversary! Life would be boring with out a few differences here and there.

  11. Happy Anniversary! It is amazing how opposites attract and we help to balance each other out. Your family is beautiful and best wishes for the next 13 years.

  12. This proves that opposites attract! I also am very opposite my husband and we have been married 23 years! You figure out how to make it work :)

  13. Wow 13 years!!! Congrats! Hubby and I had our 3 year anniversary last week!

  14. This is such a sweet post full of love. Congrats on the 13 years and I can tell from your photos that life is perfect for your family. I wish you many more.

  15. That is an awesome anniversary to celebrate! My husband and I have some of the same likes and dislikes. He LOVES sushi and I am just now finally getting into it!

  16. Happy Anniversary! We are only at 3 years so 10 more to catch up! lol

  17. I love posts like this one. So much love in this post. Happy 13th Anniversary. Reminds me of that song Opposites Attract.

  18. Congrats on so many great years together. Relationship can be hard, glad to see that you are doing so well together.

  19. Happy anniversary! That's a lot of years together, I hope your relationship will remain to be strong and full of love in the years to come! It's good that you don't have so many things in common, it's better when your personalities are contrasting.

  20. despite the differences I think it's the love that really glued you together. Congratulations and many more years of love !!!!

  21. Unlike poles attract each other. The photos reveal it all. You have a happy marriage blessed with lovely children. Happy Anniversary to both of you

  22. One of the beautiful couple I have met online. Happy Anniversary sis keep the love on fire and God bless your family always. The last photo is full of love and heat he he..

  23. wonderful, and a decade of your wonderful marriage, may you have many more years and blessed family always.

  24. Wow happy anniversary Rose! Your looking young and I can see the overflowing love in your husband's eye towards you. You are a lucky wife


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