Monday, February 24, 2014

Music Therapy

I learned some stuff about music  while we were having a tour at Mary Pappert's School of Music last Saturday.   This this Music Therapy student association in the school and the stated why music is a really good therapy for your brain and  life as a whole.  I wish that my son would be interested in  taking some  music-related  lessons but right now he isn't into it yet.  It would be cool to  hear him talk about any music related topics such as bari sax mouthpeices or guitar or  tings like that but I will wait til he develops that interest.  If not, that's fine too.


  1. Yes you can wait 'till he develops into music and that's the time to teach him some of your music knowledge.

  2. I agree. Music is a great source of therapy :) My husband loves to play classic piano and string music in our home and that gave some influence to my 2 little guys too. I hope they will have the same music passion like their Dad someday.

  3. Time will tell - he's still young, malay natin, in the future diba? :D

  4. Music is really a nice therapy and a stress reliever.


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