Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oxygen Theraphy

My brother-in-law's wife have recently undergone surgery with her knees and while she was in the hospital, the doctors found some lumps in her female parts so they performed a complete hysterectomy on her.  She is now home and  undergoing chemo therapy and we are all  stunned when we learned about the  tumor in her uterus.  Due to  the severe weather condition that we were having this  Winter, we haven't have the chance to visit her because they live   far from us.  I  hope and pray that she will be in full recovery.

I would like to recommend healthybalanceddiet.net to my  sister-in-law  if ever we go and visit her one of these days.  I believe that this is  something she would be interested in reading and learn about.  I didn't know about the hyperbaric oxygen therapy until I researched about my sister-in-law's condition.  According to the infographic above,  this kind of treatment can also be used to treat Aids, chronic fatigue syndrome, and lyme disease.  If you want to learn more about this treatment, kindly visit the website for more  thorough information.


  1. Sad to know, but that's life...hope for her full recovery.

  2. I hope she recovers too. Prayers can really help.

  3. i hope she will recuperate soonest, that was sad to hear sis. this is an eyeopener for us, the more that we have to be aware not only with what we eat but with the lifestyle we live as well

  4. Oh dear, hope your sis in law will recover soon sis :(

  5. Wow, this is actually the first time I have heard of this... I hope she recovers soon.


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