Monday, February 17, 2014

Hearing Loss

There are two  health issues that I am afraid I inherited from parents.  First is lose of vision which is a common  health issue from my father side of the family and  second is the   the hearing loss  from my mother side of the family.  My father died  at a young age of 51 and he had already very weak vision when he passed on.  I started  wearing reading glasses at my early twenties.    

My Mom is 61 years old now and I can tell how  rapidly she is lo]sing her  hearing because whenever we talk on the phone, she can barely hear me.  I wish that I can convince her to come here even just for  a short visit so I can  do something about her hearing problem.  Addressing her hearing problem when she is  in the Philippines is very difficult since I am here.  Over here, there are  Hearing Aids McClean VA or there's probably  some here in our area too.  As for me, hearing is not my strongest sense but I don't think I suffered from   Hearing loss in adolescents.  As of now, my hearing is still good and hopefully it would stay that way.  It is nice to know though that there is available Workplace tips for people with hearing loss, you can browse and learn from those tips.  

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