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The Road To Bigger Muscles In Six Weeks

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Building muscle is critical for proper health and aging. Everyone needs getting it right can slow down the biological clock and make you healthier.

But how can you get rippling abs and bulging biceps in just six weeks? Well, it’s not going to be easy, but it can be done, according to It’s just a question of getting the strategy right. So what do you need to do? Let’s take a look.

Use Compound Lifts

The first place to start is with compound lifts. You want to perform exercises that target multiple muscle groups, not just one or two.

The best exercises are squats, deadlifts and rows. You can then add things like pull-ups and bench press to your routine as you become more advanced.

It’s okay to start with some muscle groups before you move onto others. Just ensure you focus on the foundations first before trying to flesh out some of the showier muscles.

Eat A Calorie Surplus

Eating sufficient protein matters, but getting a calorie surplus is arguably more important for building muscle. If your body is going to build new tissues, it needs additional energy. Otherwise, an intense exercise routine might cause muscle wasting.

Consuming more calories of healthy food than you’re taking in is probably more challenging than you imagine. Sometimes, you’ll deliberately need to force yourself to do it, especially if you’re eating a lot of vegetables and whole foods.

If you’re struggling to meet your calorie targets, get more energy from nut butters and dried fruits. These options are tasty and encourage you to eat more.

You want to provide your body with around 500 kcal more than your baseline+exercise requirements daily to see significant muscle gain in six weeks. Less than that, and you might not notice the results.

Use Supplements Wisely

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You’ll also want to use supplements wisely. These can help you pack on more muscle in a shorter space of time, as explained by Supplements are excellent for people who struggle to put on muscle naturally and need additional assistance.

Hire A Personal Trainer

If you’re struggling, you might also consider hiring a personal trainer. Having an expert there to guide you through the movements and check on your form can be extremely helpful for a lot of individuals.

Hiring a personal trainer is expensive, but you can purchase hour-long sessions in blocks to bring down the price. You can also meet up with them once a month instead of every day to check on your progress and form.

Get More Sleep

Most muscle building occurs when you get more sleep. Therefore, focus on securing your eight hours per night. During the day, you might only generate 20% of your added muscle over a six-week period. But rest at night could be responsible for 80% of those gains.

Set a consistent bedtime of say, 10 pm every night and wake up at 6 am. Sticking to this routine will prepare your body for sleep and help you rest more when you hit the sack.

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