Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hot Wheels Fan

Mr. Burrito is a hot wheels fanatic. He love collecting cars and other items from hot wheels.  He think he looks cool in the photo lol.
Glad I got this uploaded few weeks ago.  I am running out  of photos to blog wahhh.  The technician called and said that he has to install a new motherboard.  Hubby wants  to buy a new PC but  I want my PC restored  because of the photos.  The technician said that it would cost $120 for the whole thing, installation, recovering my photos and and stuff.  Sigh..


  1. awww! He is one hunk Sis Rose :-) He can get along with my son who still plays cars :-( I love his smile as well. Hope that you can recover all your photos :-)

  2. Kids and cars.My little boy has cars all over the house. I just let him pick them up before going to bed or they will end up in trash. Mr Burrito is a handsome little boy.

  3. my son have few hot wheels toys...he looks handsome in his sunglasses.. papasang model..:)

  4. What an adorable photo! I don't know anything about hot wheels, I have a girl.. =(

  5. It doesn't matter the cost as long as those pictures will be recovered the memories will last long ehhee. Happy weekend madam Rose with family..

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  6. super pogi ni EJ...we miss you little buddy! santa will get you some more hot wheels this christmas!

  7. Mr. Burrito is really gwapo! Filipino blood if mixed with ANY race makes one hell of a god/goddess. :)


  8. good thing you got your computer fixed :D and shared this cute photo of your son. he look so much like his dad

  9. I have to agree with your Mr. Burrito. He's telling the truth when he said he looks cute. :-)

  10. What a happy boy! Good luck with your PC.


  11. Hi Rose, Mr Burrito is adorable and very cool. Hot Wheels is such a guy thing.

    We too had some computer trouble. What a pain. We did have to buy a new laptop. I can't even think about losing all of my photos. I feel for you. I hope you work it all out.

    Happy days to you and yours.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. oh just like my son! He always love hot wheel, good thing they're so cheap at big lots! lol!

  13. OhhHHHHH... I love also collecting cars...
    I hope I have a little brother like

    Thank you for sharing and GOD Bless...

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  14. Ang gwapo! My son was a Hot Wheels fanatic too when he was younger. He kept all his matchboxes. :)

    Happy MOM.

    Mine's here.

  15. know the feeling,perhaps you need to do it all and you wont have the same problem again.Have you checked your usb connection?

  16. He's so cute! Hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Your son is a darling boy, who's growing right in front of us. Thank you for visiting! Have a happy Thanksgiving sweety.

  18. Cool kid:) He is lovely. Thank you for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)
    And best of luck with the computer!

  19. Mr. Burrito is oh soooo cute! Hope that you get your computer fixed :)


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