Saturday, October 31, 2020

Mid Section Fat

These photos were taken last year.  At the  beginning of the year, I made  a vow to really stay on my fitness  to shape up.  I wanted to see if I could lose these bulges around my  waist and  lower belly.
I have been trying top get rid of this lower belly fat but I don't see any improvement.  I sometimes neglect to follow through with my goals and  goes back to my old shape.
I envy those women who can lose the pregnancy belly fat few months after they gave birth.  It's not easy for me.  Just to  maintain my weight, I do have to watch my diet and exercise here and there.  The belly fat however, never goes away, it lingers.

Ugh, just looking at this side pic makes me want to go down the gym and work out lol.  Unfortunately, my knees has been bothering me so I haven't been working out religiously.
The good thing about having the gym  at your home though is that, you can workout anytime.  The downside is that, if you lack motivation, the gym just collects dust ha ha.
Anyway, I just want to post these photos to remind me that I need to workout and keep at it.  
Being in the late 40s though, it's getting harder and harder to do things that I normally could do without  problem but now, it is difficult.  At least my weight is  still 100 pounds.  The heaviest I am allowing myself is 105, after that, trimming the  weight I gained is my priority.

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