Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 is the Year of the Monkey

As we said goodbye to  2015, I want to take this opportunity to thank  you guys for being part of our wonderful year.  I wish you all a peaceful, blessed, and prosperous 2016.  My God help us realize our  goals  for the new year.  
 2015 was a bit rough on us financially but we  were blessed with healthy lives which for me matters most.  We tried our best to be as healthy as we possibly could and we plan to continue  that in 2016.  Hubby and I are not getting any younger so we are prioritizing our health.  
I made a platter of fruit and veggies to snack on while we waited for the ball to drop.  I am glad to start the new year with a clean and organized house.  I was able to  accomplished  my goal of  cleaning at the last week of December.  

I wish that the new year will bring us all  great opportunities and good health!  In Chinese  zodiac sign, 2016 is a year of the monkey.


  1. I hope you have a blessed year ahead of you as well. I'm glad you guys are focusing on your health.

  2. Happy New Year!! I wish you well for 2016 and for your to reach your goals in the year of the monkey :)

  3. Happy 2016! May all our dreams and aspirations come true this Year of the Monkey.


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