Thursday, October 4, 2012

Parents as Tutors

When parents  acts as  their children's tutors, it's a great advantage  because the kids learn things from home that they  can use when they go to school.  My daughter came home very excited today, she told me that er Science  teacher gave her  an extra sticker for knowing an answer to the question that they haven't discussed yet.   She said when the teacher asked what is the molecule that absorbs sunlight and uses its energy to senthesise carbohydrates from carbon dioxide  and water, she  knows that it  was chlorophyll.  My husband love Science so  he teaches   our kids  of the things that he learned from school.   
That is an advantage  that stay at home moms like me  has for  the kids.  When my kids arrive from school, I make sure that  they do their homework first before anything else.  You can really monitor what needs to be done and do it on time.  Not all parents can stay home so  the  existence of private tutors for every different aspect that children needs is vital in helping their  growth in learning.  There are  VarsityTutors for those who are aspiring to become a varsity member of the school and there are many other tutors that you can hire depending on what  help you need.  

One thing for sure, parents as tutors of their own children, is always a great advantage!

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