Monday, October 8, 2012

Fashion Accessories - Giving a little love to your home

Color and tone represent our personality. The more extrovert among us have a tendency to choose more of a modern look when designing our homes whilst those who take a more business-like approach choose steady shapes, symmetric furniture and neutral colors for each room in the house. The type of person that you are will have a bearing upon the look of your home and dictate the kind of fashion accessories you sprinkle around your furniture.

It can be fun to play around with various themes in different parts of your home. Your living room can adopt whatever feel that you like, such as with memorabilia from a particular decade or maybe graphic art or something very unique. The kitchen doesn't have to adhere to the same old designs that we have seen time and again, it can be laid out with bold bright visions and original crafts. You are the limit to your own imagination. 

A window dressing can take away from or accent your interior décor. Blinds, shades and curtains can add more life to a room if correctly applied with the rest of the décor. For rooms with more neutral tones, wooden blinds work well, while curtains and drapes are a better fit with rooms that have more of a contemporary feel. 

It may be that flooring is what is needed to be changed in order for everything to work together. If everything has been changed around, including the position of where everything is located and you can't work out what is not making it not all fall though, it could well be the flooring. Hardware flooring, throw rugs and carpets can all be used in order for the intended atmosphere to be created in your home. 

One way to enhance the feel of any room is to use decorative privacy screens. They can have different painted scenes on them. Some, for example, have dried flowers that have been pressed between the glasses whilst others have sponges, stems, taxidermy birds and other items. This piece can be the life and soul of the room and enhance numerous other parts. Take your time when deciding upon the look and feel of your home as it will affect the way that you feel each and every day. 

For a more playful style, you could add such accessories as bean bags. Visit Fashion For Home's online shop to look at a great example of such an accessory.

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