Friday, June 21, 2013

Toning Wheel

My husband bought this Weider Toning Wheel few years ago and we love using it.  This aims to tighten your upper body including  your arms, shoulders, back, and core.    The comfortable grip and anti-slip wheels  provide a comfortable  and effective workout.

I can only do like five of this back and forth and I am done.  It makes you sore the next day but it does work.  I used to have a  saggy looking  arms but using this somehow  tighten it.  I just wish that I could do it more often lol.  If you are looking for something that could  stregnthen, tighten and tone your upper body, this one is  a god one to consider.  


  1. what a cool exercise device

  2. Oh gosh that looks like it can hurt!!!

  3. I used to have something like this.

  4. I always wondered if it worked and if it was possible to even do if you were not in perfect shape. I definitely want one now.

  5. I use one of these at the gym and it is hard! It definitely gives you a workout, but make sure you don't have to lift anything heavy the next day because you will be sore!

  6. I envy you. I could never get back up

  7. Oh my! I can only imagine how sore your body gets the following day after doing this kind of workout. hehehehe

  8. All the hard work in exercising is paying off, sis. You look really good. I wouldn't be able to use those toning wheel. I admire you for your discipline.

  9. I definitely need one of those-but not until after I find out what the heck is wrong with my arm-I think it is a torn rotator cuff.

  10. I need this! Do you homeschool? I see a ton of books on your shelves!

    1. Hi Kerrie, I don't home school but we love to read here at home. That's one of our summer activities for our kids.


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