Saturday, March 25, 2017

Second Year for Young Musician's Audition

Our daughter will be participating again to the Young Musician's Audition at West Liberty University this year.   Last year was her first time and she did great, she got the highest grade that the judge gave out to all the participants.  Unfortunately, they did not  get many who have the higher grade so they didn't  got to play again in a recital.  I guess the judge last year was very hard and only gave out  the highest  grade to few.  Hopefully this year, lots of  young musicians will get the high grade so they could have a recital.   West Liberty University has awesome PA system, just like this    fender passport, check it out at  I hope that she'll be  in great health condition this Friday, she caught a cold  last week and kind of clogged out this weekend.  

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