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Thursday, March 9, 2017

#Yogatastic Morning with @AuroraeYoga

It's been a while since I did yoga and  I miss doing it  regularly.  Yoga is developed  in India thousands of years ago.  It is a system of physical, mental, and spiritual practises , with the ultimate goal of union.  Yoga is suitable for most people.  When I first started yoga, I thought there is no way I could do it because it is difficult  at first but just like many other things, you get  used to it and  it becomes easier as you do it regularly.  Yoga professional even advised you to consult your doctor before starting yoga if you  have a medical condition.  
I gotta tell you, before learning yoga, I thought my balance is pretty good but I was wrong lol.  It does improve your overall flexibility and agility though.  The stretches and poses and proper breathing  really helps  to have a relaxing mind and body.   
 Taking up yoga doesn't cost a lot.  You can start at home by buying the  basic  things that you need such as yoga mat, yoga apparel, and other accessories that you need.  When it comes to yoga  products, I highly recommend Aurorae Yoga.  They have a huge selection of yoga mats, yoga footwear,  yoga clothing and apparel, and  other yoga accessories.  
 I got one of their  classic thick yoga mat in midnight color and it's awesome.   It is available in  illuminating colors like sea mist, royal plum, infinity, hope, camaroon green, and many other  colors.  It comes with a free non-slip rosin pack that you can use if you don't have  the non-slip 5-toe socks.  I love those socks by the way, you don't really need the rosin if you have the socks.  As you can see in the  photos, I am wearing their  non-slip 5-toe socks and it has been one of my favorite socks to wear.  
 I also like their yoga headband as it is designed to stay on your head during high athletic movements or gentle yoga  poses.  Their apparels are comfortable too, I have their  top and  love the   material they used although I always used a sports bra underneath it  even though I am at home because  the  stitches  at the back bothers my ultra sensitive skin but other than that, they are well made.
 My poses aren't perfect, in fact I am very rusty since it has been a while since I did yoga.  Now that I  started again, I plan on  keep  since it helps me relax and sleep good at night.  I have problem falling asleep at night and yoga helps me  address with that issue.
 Practicing yoga at home is great especially if you have  a DVD  to watch since you lack  that someone to do it with so watching the video really helps.  
 A yoga session will take the body in all directions such as forward, backward and lateral or sideways bending. All your  main joints  will be exercised if you do yoga.
If you want to learn yoga, you can buy a book that has DVD in it and you can start from there.  I got this one  a  couple of years ago and this  is where I have learned some poses.  I can't do a lot of the poses yet but I think that if I do it regularly, I will be good at it.  It is something I have enjoyed doing.  Sometimes I forgot that I am 43 and thought that I was still agile and I always find out that my body ain't the way it is used to be anymore lol.  Hard reality  of  getting Old I guess.    Again, practice  always makes it easier so I will continue  practicing.  
Weighed myself this morning and  I still weighed the same  as last week.  I've never struggled losing  what I gained but this time, it is  definitely kicking my tosh.  Most of it too is stuck in my mid section, ugh (not a pretty sight).
 Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.


  1. I think it's wonderful that you're trying to do yoga again. I think it's also good that you're working alongside a video to help guide you into the proper positioning. It may seem easy but it is hard to do. I have a very bad back (I've a metal prothesis in my spine and osteoarthritis) and I went to a yoga class that was designed for people with bad backs. The instructors actually helped guide us into our positions. It was very expensive though!
    I wish you all the best with this and I hope that you find relaxation. I think that you're doing a really good job! Keep at it!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! I haven't done yoga in years. I really need to because it's so good for my body. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Sounds like you are losing your weight at a good rate and not to fast. I tried yoga, bought a video and it was way to advanced for me. Tried it again and found a better one. I just need to keep limber for my muscles.

  4. I have not done yoga in years. I discovered I am a whole lot less flexible than what I thought I was. I do need to do yoga again because I know how well it works.

  5. I love yoga too! It's great for the body but also good for the soul! I'm looking for a new mat too so I'll have to check out AuroraeYoga.

  6. I absolutely LOVE yoga! I have early onset arthritis in my upper back and it's been one of the only things to really alleviate the discomfort :)

  7. I have heard so much about yoga. It really sounds like a great way to exercise and work your muscles.

  8. I want to start doing yoga (at home, like you do!) I'll have to give it a go, right now I exercise at home doing kinesthetics! thanks for the inspiration : )

  9. I really wanted to try Yoga this time while I'm pregnant. I'm glad that you are enjoying yoga every morning.

  10. I have tried doing yoga once, but I could not get into any of the poses so I stopped altogether. I am happy you found your way back to the habit.

  11. I love yoga! I'm trying to find a class right now that fits my schedule which, unfortunately isn't as easy as it sounds. Thanks for sharing this at home routine!

  12. Love your photos with great Yoga moves. I have tried it before but never really gave myself the chance. Seeing you makes me motivated to try again.

  13. It is so great to start your day with exercise. I especially love starting my day with yoga, especially sun salutations, because it gets the body flowing and gives me energy to tackle my day.

  14. That's so awesome that you're adding yoga back into your routine. I LOVE yoga so much and it always makes me feel so much better after I do it.

  15. I love Yoga... i need to start losing weight too! I gained about 10 pounds :(

  16. Yoga is one of the best exercises that you can choose. It's relaxing and it's definitely going to help you get fit. I love that you can do it at home as well, without having to go to the gym.


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