Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mix and Match Style for Less

This is the  pair of flip flop that I  bought for  99 cents at KMart.
Sometimes, even if you are just at home, you feel the need to mix and match your   style .  Even the pot of my  plant matches lol.
I like it when I find something on sale in the store.  Immediately, you think right there and then, what can I wear that with?  I am not that good  with high fashion, I wear whatever my budget  can afford and what I feel is comfortable.


  1. That's a nice flip flop. Love your pose there sis and the smile is contagious.

  2. Those are so cute, I just got my first pair of flip flops that have a bit of a heel, not sure if I like them yet or not. Ordered by accident did not realize the heel was there!

  3. I'm with you. I don't know high fashion, nor can I afford it. So as long as I find something that is comfortable, on my budget, and does not require to be ironed (I suck with the iron) I am a happy woman!

  4. I can only wear flip flops here in the house, it's so cold outside that winter boots are now needed. How I wish I could always wear flip flops especially going out of the house. Love those colours!

  5. I think it may be physically impossible to pass up a pair of ninety-nine cent flip flops!

  6. wow! great deal again, kmart has indeed plenty of items where you can get them free. esp clearances..

  7. what a great find! they are very cute. I love the colors as well.


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