Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bongo Roll Tub Sleeve Top

I am wearing the plus roll tub sleeve top that I bought for $2.99 at Sears.  Bongo  clothing were on sale when I chanced to drop by at  the  store  last week.    I did not have time to  try this on at the store since I saw this when we were leaving already so I grabbed the small one which  a bit tighter but I can still wear it.  The medium one would have been a good size for me for this one.  

I love it that I can wear it with jeans or with leggings and it is comfy as it is  made of 100% cotton.  My clogs looks good with it too.  Again, my  big thanks  goes to the little man who took this picture.    


  1. nice top as it can fit on shorts too :)

  2. You looks great on your outfit sis. And, I also love your clog shoes...

  3. You look so cute. It has been so long since I have gone shopping that I forgot about Bongo.

  4. wow! a top at less than $3? that sure is a good buy. It perfectly matches your clog!

  5. What a steal!!! Great find and you're right it is very versatile. Looks great!

  6. What a buy! I like it and I would take it if you don't want it. LOL! I have not been to the mall in a long while now.

  7. What a great deal and it looks good on you too!


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