Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Five Tools You Need to Keep Your Pool Clean This Summer

When summer comes racing in, and the sun beats down, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the pool. To do this though, we need to maintain the cleanliness of our pools. This can take time and effort. However, with these five tools, you are assured the most efficient way to keep your pool clean this summer.


Vacuums are not only used for cleaning indoors, you can find ones that will clean the floor of your pool as well. By vacuuming your pool floor you keep it clean of grime and rubbish. You can choose between manual and automatic vacuums. The automatic gives you more of a choice regarding pressure and technique, where the manual allows you to save time and effort when in a hurry. A good pool vacuum will have several different attachments to ensure the best ways of cleaning your pool floor.


One of the most important parts of keeping your pool clean is having the right filter. This ensures that your pool is automatically filtered of waste and dirt. It’s important to keep the filter clean, and attend to it as regularly as possible – no matter which type you are using. The more regularly to clean your filter, the less effort you need to put in when you do.

Skimmer and Basket

It’s vital that you own a skimmer and basket to keep your pool clean. By using a skimmer you can catch any leaves or rubbish lying on the surface of the pool, as well as clean off any dirt that has settled on the bottom. Your pool basket will collect such waste over time, so it is important to keep an eye out and clean it whenever necessary.


If your pool is surrounded by plants and trees, it’s absolutely necessary that it is covered with a leaf net. If you leave the surface open, the top of the pool will gather leaves that have fallen from the surrounding trees. By covering your pool with a net, you will catch the leaves before they enter the pool, and won’t need to use a skimmer to get them out.

Cleaning Chemicals

To keep the water clean of germs you can use chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. These disinfect the pool and make it safer to use. You can purchase these chemicals in tablet or granule form. Be sure to use them at or after sunset, as this maximizes the efficiency by preventing evaporation.

To make the most out of summer, be sure to keep your pool clean. That way you can enjoy all that the sun has to offer. These are just a few of the tools to keep your pool as clean as it can be. Premium Pools and Gardens provide a wide range of tools and accessories for your pool. Check them out to fully enjoy your pool this summer.

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