Monday, October 28, 2013

Sneaker King

All running shoes are not created equally. When it comes to finding the right shoe, the shape of your foot and your running style are far more important than designer brands. Here are some simple tips to help you find the right running shoe:

1. Know Your Terrain

Trail running. If you are an off-road runner, trail running shoes may be a good fit for you. These running shoes feature aggressive outsoles that provide more traction. The base of this shoe is also fortified to offer greater support, stability and better underfoot protection. Trail running shoes are well suited for rocky terrain, mud, tree roots and a wide range of other off-trail obstacles.
Road running. These traditional sneakers are designed for running on pavement. Although they can withstand other surfaces like nature trails and fire roads, they are best suited for pavement. This sneaker is light and very flexible. They are designed to provide your feet with comfort and stability as they make repetitious strides against solid surfaces.

2. Know Your Feet

Size. Knowing your shoe size is critical to finding comfortable, well-fitting running shoes. If you are not sure exactly what your shoe size is, you can have them measured at most major shoe retailers. Using a Brannock device, you can determine the exact size of each of your feet. You may even find that one foot is slightly larger than the other. In such a case, consider going a half size up to ensure both feet have ample space. 

Most women’s shoes are designed for a B-width foot while most men’s shoes are designed for a D-width foot. If your foot is narrow, do not be hesitant to try a women’s shoe. If your foot is wider than average, consider trying a men’s shoe. The important part is to find a shoe that is comfortable.

Arch. Your arch shape is another important factor to consider as you look for running shoes. In order to identify your arch shape, try placing your wet foot on a white sheet of paper. The shape left on the paper will help you identify your arch shape. Typically, most people have a high arch, normal arch or a flat foot. Once you know your arch type, look for shoes or inserts that provide the support you need. Stores like Sneaker King offer running shoes to suit a wide variety of arch shapes.

There are lots of factors to consider when looking for running shoes. These simple tips can help you find a shoe that provides just the right balance of support and comfort.


  1. It's good to know those pointers sis. And that running shoes is so psychedelic :)

  2. I love sneakers. I think I have 7 pairs that I use alternately. Oh gosh, I think I need to stop buying such.

  3. That is one hot looking shoes. Sure, that would encourage me to back to running agian. hehehe... I used to run on trails, but not anymore. I wasn't a pro, but I ran with my dear husband. Great pointers, mommy.

  4. I wish to have a new pair of sneakers too! Will check this store out.

  5. that is good sneakers..i love the color and the stylish one.


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