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Friday, March 6, 2015

Staying Active Despite the Weather

For the last two weeks, the kids only had two days of school and 8 days of cancellation.  I am worried that their summer vacation will be affected by this and their stay in school will be extended.  But there's nothing really we can do but to deal it with it.  
But anyway, despite  the weather blues,  my family keeps busy and active  indoors.  
The kids do  their  cardio running around  the house    for their exercise and they sometimes workout with me.
 Our kids are outdoor lovers so  no matter how much I want to keep them  inside, we do go out  and enjoy the snow.  We have  done this three times this winter and I think I am done lol.
 The extreme cold  is getting a toll on my skin so I am using this creme to  heal the dryness.
 We do their snow days homework  after breakfast .  Daughter prefer doing her homework on the floor   while my son and I do his homework in the dining table.
 Since they are off from school most of the times,  I let them help me  with household chores.  Teaching kids  these  job around the house is important while they are young.  It's a lot  harder to train  kids when they are already grown up.
After we do  cleaning, washing dishes, and doing laundry, we  do our fun stuff, board games.  Sometimes we play monopoly but most of the time, scrabble.  Also part of their daily routine is practicing piano for at least 20-30 minutes.
Then we read  for  30 minutes  before they could finally  play  minecraft in their iPods.   For the past two weeks,  daughter have finished two books.
I only allow then certain  time everyday on their gadgets, that way it wont affect their study time and time with us.
Hubby and I couldn't be  happier raising two   wonderful kids.  They are a handful sometimes but  sure worth every  second  of our  time spending with them.  They are the reason why I don't mind setting aside my career.  They are our priority so  choosing to be a stay at home Mom is the best decision  that hubby and I   have made.  

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