Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fridate with my Husband

    I love it that my husband work on a 4/10 schedule although I  feel bad as well because  he has to work 10 hours in four days.  He works Mondays thru Thrusdays so it gives us  Fridays to  do things while the kids are  in school.  We don't really go on a date but  we call Fridays our Fridate as we get to on a long walk after dropping off the kids then we  eat brunch together at home.  
On the days that he has to work, both of us wake up at 4:30 a.m and I prepare his breakfast and lunch because I don't want him to go to work with an empty stomach. I don't contribute much when it comes to finacial aspect in our home so I make sure to do my part to keep the Man of the house satisfied, as I believe in the saying that, "The way to a man's heart is his stomach".  When we have errands to do, we do it after our walks then after errands are done, we sometimes grab some Greek food at our friend's restaurant.  
    Anyway, here is a casual look that I normally wear when we  go out to eat or check something out.  A pair of Levi's jeans, a denim  polo and underneath it is floral shear top.  Grabbed my  red bag and a pair of red flats and I am good to go.
    I don't normally wear bracelet or any bling but once in a while, I get into the mood of wearing these two bracelets.
    How about you, what's the style you are comfortable with  wearing on a regular basis?  How about on special occasion?


  1. Nice fashion ensemble for the day. I also love it when going out with the hubby on a date. Eating with the kids cannot be replaced, but alone time with the husband is equally important.

  2. I definitely go casual on a daily basis--a comfortable pair of pants and a tee are just fine with me!

  3. I've always love to wear my bracelet, earings, and more rings, however now that i have a little one i guess wearing more rings other than our wedding ring and the engagement one is what i'm up for now and the bracelet oh my...can't wear them while the little one is in the grabbing stage.

  4. You look great, mare. Casual wear for me is a pair of jeans, tank top, blazer and sandals.

  5. Love the outfit sis! You look great and would love to have that colorful blouse.

    For special occasions, I try to wear a dress or something with more bling. I try to bring out my heels which I rarely use now.

  6. You have style sis. Pag ganyan ang suot ng misis ko, aba so sure daming kiss yun.

  7. i like the shoes :) because I'm a sucker for red shoes


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