Saturday, January 5, 2013

FREE Shopping Spree

I have been a member of Mypoints for years now and I enjoy  redeeming my rewards every end of the year.  Mypoints is a website  where consumers and  sellers/merchants meet.  Becoming a member is free, it's very easy to sign up and once you became one, you will earn points immediately by reading the newsletter and ads they send in your email.  You can participate in their surveys and when you shop though them, you also get points.  Aside from that, you will also  get a peek to the hottest deals online.  They even give you points for printing their coupons and using it in the store.  I like Mypoints.
Anyhow, this year, I only got $125 worth of gift-cards from mypoints and that is just by reading their emails and  occasionally participating to their surveys.  I did not do much shopping online so my gift card was  a little less compared to  last year.  We used those gift cards to buy our children two  pairs of shoes for  each of them.   I love it when you can buy nice stuff without  slicing a chunk to your budget.

The other set of gift cards is from our credit card that we use regularly.  Se we never get an interest charge for this gift card because as soon as we used it, we immediately paid it off.  It's just our way of getting the rewards from them.  We used the gift cards we got from American eXpress to buy  new sets of tires for our car.  Such a relief to be able to buy four tires  and paying only half of  it, it's awesome!  It's also a rewarding feeling to be able to  an eXtra shopping spree and not damage your budget.

If anyone is interested in joining mypoints,  just send me an email to and I will send you an invitation.


  1. wow i love that :D shopping spree tlga. i love rewards

  2. Wow I have mypoints but not using it well might be the time to start activating...Nice shoes...

  3. Wow, how i wish i could join this too. i checked out mypoints before sis kaso the points are not redeemable from Philippines. This is one nice site to earn moolah.

  4. Oh wow, I wish I could join too! Paying less for more is those shoes and the sound of gift cards...discounts and anything for free is heavenly :) Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful family sis! :D

  5. $125 is much to buy some abubot(small items). Merry Christmas and do regular online shopping, para next time mas malaki na ang rewards mo.

  6. Wow, that's really great, Rose. I love to join. I hope it's also valid here in Philippines.
    I love your new shoes. So nice and looks durable.
    Merry Christmas,Rose.

  7. wow! actually if we used our credit card wisely we can get a lot of stuff from it...good deal mommy! galing naman..

  8. something for ALMOST nothing!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. What a good way to shop! I'm sure all of us want to avail the same perks hehehe

    Ang saya talaga pag laki ng natitipid sis. Merry Christmas to you and to your family.

  10. We do not have MyPoints here in Sweden... I guess but will Google more about it. Maybe we have! Hope so.

    I so love the shoes... a lot! Shopping spree for you and the family... always a plus!

  11. waaaaaaaa I do not know this.. I was excited at first but.. reading the comments says it is not yet redeemable in the Philippines hahaha.. wala naman ako visa to go to the states hahaha.. nice shoes btw..

  12. nice one pero not valid in pnas ata .. sayang ... anyway .. Happy new year sis :)


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