Thursday, December 3, 2015

Red Dress Turned into Skirt

This is the dress that my  husband bought and  gave as a gift about 7 years agoIt fits on my body but I don't like that it is  open at the back and it's too revealing at the front so I cut it and made it into skirt.  Now I can use it and pair it with a black blouse.  I love the fit  on my tosh.  
 Ews ua  my favorite color so I have  several  pieces of clothing in  this color.  
I  bought this shoes  for $4.99 at the mall last year, it was on clearance .  I love when I can find great bargains without  sacrificing the quality of the product.  Most of my clothes are bought on clearance or on sale.  The only time I get expensive  clothes is when hubby would buy it without me knowing it.  My husband does not  really look at the price, when he sees something that he  he think would look good on me, he would buy it without considering of the price.  I am the opposite.  For me, you can really find  good clothes even without spending too much.


  1. I love the idea of turning old clothes into something new again so you can match different outfits with it. I think that's a penny saver right there. The skirt looks good on you!

  2. love the shoes and for the cheap price you are a winner, and the red skirt just amazing on you.

  3. We Filipinos were born to be frugal! Haha. I also find it very difficult to part with my hard earned money! My husband wants to through out our old coffee cans, but I insist to keep them because they can be re-purposed. The skirt came out great. Who would have thought that it used to be a dress? Good job, Rose!


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