Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Dental Insurance

When my husband started working again, our dental insurance  got doubled.  The one that  he  has for life from the military and  the one that the  current company that he  works for   provides to them.  It is so nice that we have two dental insurance now because our bill  is being sent to the primary provider first first then  whatever is left unpaid  is being  billed to our next insurance.    We still have to pay for our annual deductible though but it's not much so it is still better.  For a family of four, it's advantageous to get  a family plan.  There are also dental insurance for individuals that you can get.  If you are looking for a good dental insurance plans that would fit your budget, check out the link I have provided in this post and  use their  search box for a free quote.  Shopping around for  a good insurance coverage plan  is pretty much easier to do these days  because there are companies that provides  services in order for consumer to find the best deal there is.  At, you can compare different  dental insurance  plans from different   companies.  

I am so glad that we have very good providers as it helps us save money.


  1. insurance has many great benefits, especially health package where you can avail of wellness programs.

  2. It's nice to hear that you got dental insurance. For a big family like yours, you're better protected with some insurance.

  3. Though US have issues on healthcare still you're enjoying this right? Sadly wala to sa ating bukid sa Pinas.. hahah :) dropping by here too :)


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