Friday, October 10, 2014

September Fitness Recap

Now that I am in my 40s, I am more committed with my fitness goal more than ever. I didn't really care about my body's health  when I was younger and popping out kids but now that I am done with pregnancies and stuff, I am dedicated to taking care of myself not only for myself but especially for my family. I want to be able to do things with my kids so that when I am gone, they could look back and say that their Mom was able to do this and that with them. It is also important for self esteem right ladies? I am not the most fit Mom there is (body-wise) but I want to be stronger and be there for my kids.  

Below are my recorded   regular rituals with keeping fit.  Most of these photos are just my walks/jogs.  I did some yoga and other   aerobics at home as well.  Hope you enjoy the photos.
I  usually go for a walk  after dropping off my kids  to school from Monday to Thursday.  On Fridays, my husband is off  so we   go for a walk together.  The weather is  becoming colder so I am not sure if I could continue with my outdoor routine.  I will be back doing my cardio at our little gym in the basement if I couldn't handle the weather outside anymore.  We will see.    Till here folks,  my cramp this month is killing me ugh.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Those are some beautiful photos! You also look great!

  2. Such beautiful views you get on your adventures! I agree fitness is needed to stay in good active health to keep up with kids!

  3. I love getting out and taking walks.... you have some very beautiful views too!

  4. I try and stay as fit as possible. I had wls 5 years ago and even thought it was just a tool I still have had to work hard to try and get rid of any excess.I do A LOT of walking! HOWEVER I can not seem to get into jogging or running! I have certain body parts that gets to flapping way to much! lol

  5. Awesome - I wish it was convenient to do jogging here in manila, lol! But just going outside becomes too scary.. not to mention - jogging.


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