Sunday, September 29, 2013

5 Reasons to Watch your Heartrate while Exercising

Many regular exercisers incorporate heartrate monitoring into their daily exercise routines but many people, do not exactly understand why monitoring your heartrate is so important. Everybody that engages in regular exercise regimes should be aware of the 5 main reasons why heart monitoring is essential.


In order to be a safe exerciser, you need to be aware of both your resting and maximum heartrate. The average resting heart rate is around 40 beats per minute When you begin exercise your heart can beat anywhere between 60 to 100 times per minute. In order to monitor your heartrate effectively, it is important to know your exact resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate, and ensure that while exercising you heartrate remains between these two values.

Increasing Athleticism

It is also important to monitor your heartbeat to confirm that you are continually challenging your body. If your heart rate does not exceed your resting rate you are generally not working hard enough. Similarly, if your heart rate exceeds its maximum, you know that you are pushing yourself too hard. This will help you adjust your exercise to ensure they best fit your fitness levels.

Ensuring Weight Loss

In order to effectively burn body fat and loose weight you must ensure that your body’s heart rate is elevated enough. It is suggested that the most effective range for burning fat, is by exercising at a pace between 60-70 percent of your maximum heartrate. This should be done for at least 30 minutes, with short intervals, which raise your heartrate up to 90 percent of your maximum heartrate. By doing this you can burn stored body fat and increase your resting metabolism to burn weight faster in future.

Making the Most of your Time

When you are juggling a busy lifestyle, it is difficult to find the time to exercise. By monitoring you heartrate you can maximize the results of your workout in order to get the best results. By effectively monitoring your heartrate you can ensure you are at pace which isn’t too fast or too slow and that you aren’t valuable wasting time.

Highlighting Possible Medical Conditions

Although changes in your heartrate are normal when exercising, significant changes in your heartrate during exercise can indicate underlying health conditions such as: cardiac dysrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), thyroid disease, high blood pressure and heart disease. By monitoring your heartrate you may pick up on irregularities before it becomes more serious. If you detect any irregularities in your heartrate at any time you should seek advice from a medical professional.
Being aware of your heartrate while exercising is crucial for your safety, fitness and general wellbeing. Mick Simmons Sport offers a large range of fitness apparel and accessories, which are available at Mick Simmons Sport AUS. By purchasing a heartrate monitor you can make the first step towards monitoring and maintaining a healthy heart rate.
By Grace Patterson


  1. Thank you for sharing this one sis.. Kaya talagang importante ang cardio because it has something to do with our heart rate din - hindi basta basta mag weights like sa gym. hehehe.

  2. Watching my heart rate is crucial if and when I exercise! I gotta bad ticker. Thanks for sharing these tips. :)

  3. Nice gadget to remember when exercising. Sometimes we get too overwhelmed when exercising and we need to be aware with our heart rate too.

  4. I don't exercise much so I never really paid particular attention to this kind of info. Thank you though for sharing coz, for one, I now know that there are other things to consider when exercising. Also, posts like these make me realize that it is about time for me to consider getting fit. :-)


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