Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Niece's Dilemma

I talked to my eldest niece  the other day  on Facebook and catch up with her  studies and stuff.  She is sad that  her Dad is not around anymore to witness her graduation.  She is  graduating in high school this year and I feel sad for this  young lady.  My brother passed away at an early  age a few years  back.  He died due to a motorcycle accident.  He  drove while he was under the influence of alcohol which eventually cost his life.  It is sad that he will never see his three girls grow up.  This is why I always remind myself to enjoy each day with my kids and husband.  You never know what will happen to you.  You can die anytime even unexpectedly.  

My brother was  never an alcoholic but because it was the day of fiesta on our relative's place, he drunk with them.  Fearing that  his wife would get mad if he doesn't come home  on that day, he made a wrong  decision to drive under the influence. There are so many questions that still lingers in my mind until now due to my brother's death. Was it something that  God have planned or it was just a  bad decision that my brother did?   Who knows.  I just hope that  my nieces would be able to go on with their lives normally.  Right now, they are  facing a big adjustment as their Mom found a new partner.  They seem to have a hard time  accepting  it.  I don't blame them, I would feel the same if I were in their shoes because it is hard enough to go  with  their everyday lives without their Dad and now they have a new big adjustment again.  On the other hand, I don't blame their Mom to look for someone who could assist her in raising my nieces.

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  1. I hope your nieces adjust to their new life without your brother.


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