Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How to Help Music Lovers in Your City

When schools need to make budget cuts, funding for the arts is one of the first things to go. This means that your kids can no longer join the band, take part in the school choir or even take art classes in school. You may notice that schools do not cut athletic funding because sports help funnel money back into the school during the season. If you want to foster a love for music in your children and other kids in your community, there are a few ways you can help.

Become a Fundraising Expert

Becoming a fundraising expert is an easy to way to help kids in your city who love music. Fundraising efforts can raise the thousands of dollars that those schools need to pay for teachers, rehearsal spaces and supplies. Instead of hosting a traditional bake sale or car wash, look for ways that show the community the power of the arts. You might gather the kids to put on a musical production or a concert. Charge a small amount for tickets to the event. You can even let locals pay the kids to put on shows at their local events.

Look for New Programs

If the school district won't help, look for alternative programs that let kids enjoy music outside of schools. Sing for Hope launched a project that installed street pianos in New York, and similar programs brought pianos to major cities like London and Los Angeles. The idea is that people walking by will feel inspired to sit and play a song. These programs show kids that they can enjoy and appreciate music and the arts while away from school. You can even help kids raise money to install pianos around your own city.

Volunteer Your Time and Money

One reason why arts programs in schools fail is because the school simply cannot afford to pay for the instruments and supplies needed. Giving the school instruments you find in your own closets, at yard sales and in thrift stores helps them build a library of instruments that students can play. You can even volunteer your time to teach lessons after school with individual students or a large group of students. While many schools cannot afford the cost of offering music and art classes, you can volunteer your time, raise money or work with alternative programs to bring arts back into your local schools.

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