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Why Moisturizer is Important for Skin

Each season brings new experiences to our skin. Summer and air conditioners make our skin sweaty, greasy, and dehydrated. Neither winter does cuddle our skin, when outside air is cold and  when we are at home, heaters  draw moisture from the air and makes our skin warm and dry. All of this is harmful for our skin all year round, so you need to take care of  it.  Moisturize it to avoid  premature aging.
Our skin should be treated gently and not be allowed to be left without protection from the weather, either summer or winter.
Even 90 percent of the human body is actually water, hydration is important for the normal functioning of the whole body.   It helps your  body to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins.  It helps maintain pH balance and it also  also prevent kidney stones, urinary infections and improve digestion. Equally important factor in preserving beautiful and healthy skin. Hydration of the skin remains supple and soft, mitigate the negative effects of aging, and the water in the skin has an additional function - enhances its protective role.

There are several ways to maintain a good skin moisture, especially by drinking sufficient amount  of liquids.  It is estimated that you have to drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day.  Please don't count coffee on it as coffee is  diuretic.

The skin can be further hydrated using  face creams and lotions for the body.  Products should not contain alcohol because it enhances the skin from drying out.

The skin can be further hydrated after workout with our FRE PURIFY ME.  FRE's  Facial Creamis made from a unique combination of desert plants : Argan and Jojoba 

Below is a 12 tricks for better skin hydration:

1 Avoid long hot baths and showers. Take a shower in 10 minutes in lukewarm, never too hot, water.

2. Check how much dry your skin is. Scratch the small area of skin with your fingernail such as  arm or leg, if  you see  white residue,  that means that your skin needs exfoliation and hydration.

3.  Treat your neck and chest the same way you treat your face.

4. Make sure that  your beauty products are clean and simple, avoid those labeled 'antibacterial' because they  can  irritate the skin.

5. For soft hands and feet,   lubricate them with good moisturizer before bedtime then slip soft gloves and socks for the  cream to absorb overnight.

6. Before  tanning, avoid perfumes and perfumed lotions.

7. Soften rough elbows after peeling with the help of a grapefruit. Divide grapefruit and dip your elbows into it every 15 minutes.

8. Exercise and sweat - sweat stimulates the elimination of toxins from the body, and exercise ensures good circulation

9. Change creams and lotions changing seasons - in summer you needed more lenient, and winter strong hydration.

10. Avoid smoking, tanning and sunbathing - all that accelerates aging.

11. For double protection lubricate the skin cream with vitamin C over a cream sunscreen. The cream will prevent skin damage, dehydration and wrinkles.

12. Do not touch your  face with your hands.   Especially the eye area. Do not rub your eyes, the skin around them is very sensitive and delicate.

Funding for hydration are very diverse: fruit and mass solutions, emulsions, creams. Skin should be hydrated when needed and at least once a day if the skin is dry. Oily skin, naturally, requires less  hydration. Hydration can be combined with facial massage.

One of the products for skin care is  lard. It is prepared in a porcelain mortar, detailed decomposition grinded or mashed raw materials with a vegetable or animal fat to obtain a homogeneous mass. To obtain the fats used and liquid extracts from plants which are mixed with fat.

Lack or loss of moisture strongly affects the skin. Therefore, apply different cosmetic treatments - steam baths, compression, rubbing the face with ice cubes, etc. Steam baths are usually done before other cosmetic treatments.

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Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this  post.  The article above was provided by  FRE Company  and the products were also sent to me for testing purposes.  I am including my own take on the products.

FRE is short for Fit, Resilient, and Elegant.  Yes this   specific line of products are  created  for  active women who love to  workout, sweat it out and stay fit.    It's a comprehensive  3-step treatment that builds skin resilience day after day.  I like the fact that  for every set  a customer purchase, FRE will  plant a tree of life or Argan tree.  I have .heard so much good stuff about argan oil and was happy to see that the Argania Active complex  is one of the active  ingredient of this line.  Argania Active complex is created  from kernel and leaf of the argan tree.  This products
The Purify me is is the hydrating facial cleanser.  I love  cleaning my face with this after my  workout and my face is all swety.  It  smells good and it feels great as you  gently massage your  face with this cleanser.  This is another motivating factor for working out, at least for my own personal  opinion.  
After the cleaning, this  Protect Me  defense facial moisturizer can shield your skin  from UVA and IRA rays.  This also prevent dark spots which I like.  Jow you can use the Protect Me  before your workout but I love using it  after I shower and go on with day.  
The Revive Me is the deep replinishing serum.  You can use this after work out but I only use it at night.   This makes my skin  feel rejuvinated.  This year, I promised myself that I would take very good care of my skin so .I am glad I was offered the opportunity to  try these products.  


  1. My skin gets SO dry in the winter, so I HAVE to make sure that I moisturize every day otherwise my skin gets so flaky!

  2. I tend to have extremely dry skin during the winter months. Drinking lots of water and using a good moisturizer really helps. FRE sounds like a great product and I love that they plant a tree with every purchase.

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