Thursday, October 5, 2017

Five Common Mistakes That Often Lead To Blocked Drains

While the plumbing system is undoubtedly one of the most important features in your home, you probably don't give it much thought until something goes wrong. This is a frequent mistake among homeowners. That's because the most common plumbing issues are highly preventable. Following are five plumbing missteps that can be easily avoided.

Not Educating Small Children About Drains

Small children are often fascinated with commodes. They simply cannot conceive of being able to make things disappear in a whirling, swirling pool of water. When you start potty training your youngsters and allowing them more independence in the bathroom, take the time to tell them about how your plumbing system works. This should stave off any curiosity about whether or not toothbrushes, small toys, hair accessories, and other small-sized items will go down. You should also avoid putting paper towels in the  bathroom for drying tiny hands. These heavy-duty paper products don't break down when flushed and thus, they're almost certain to cause blockages at one point in your plumbing system or another.
Allowing Small-Sized Toys In The Bath And Shower

Most blockages and overflows happen in the bathroom. In addition to limiting what people do and do not flush in your home, make sure that your kids aren't playing with any toys in the tub that are small enough to slip down into the drain when the water is let out. You should also be sure to check toys for any small, detachable parts that could come loose and cause problems. Moreover, adults and teens can be cautioned to exercise care when using small-sized hygiene products in bathing and showering areas. Razor caps, hair accessories, and the tops to body wash, conditioner, and shampoo bottles are all things that can lead to blocked drains.

Failing To Upgrade Clay Pipes At The Property Exterior

Sometimes blockages start outside of the home. Older properties often have clay pipes that connect the building plumbing to the sewer main. These pipes can be easily penetrated by invasive tree roots and weeds. Once they are, solid waste and other materials can get caught up on them. This can result in a whole-house back-up, severe property damage, and potential health issues. Even if your home is a historic one, having outdated clay pipes swapped out for more durable and resilient options is always your best bet.

Using Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaning solutions that are purchased in-store should never be your first option for clearing out slow-moving or blocked drains. These lye-based products are so corrosive that they're capable of eating through your pipes and other plumbing components. This is especially true when they prove incapable of clearing blockages out and wind up sitting in pipes for an extended period of time. While it may be possible to use store-bought drain cleaners on occasion, it's generally best to call in a plumber Atlanta GA can trust. In fact, you should seek professional help whenever you have a blockage that can't be cleared with either a plunger or a drain snake. Plumbing professionals have specialized equipment that will allows them to accurately diagnose the causes and the locations of plumbing issues, and without damaging any plumbing system components in the process.

Not Disposing Of Grease Properly

If you're the type who loves going online in search of household cleaning hacks,then you may have stumbled across recommendations for safely disposing of grease and oils down the drain. A number of bloggers and homemakers are recommending that people put grease down their kitchen drains while chasing it with cold water rather than hot. The idea is that grease will solidify early on and can then move through the system unimpeded, rather than cooling slowly and adhering to the interior of the pipes. The truth, however, is that grease should never be introduced into local water supplies. Not only is this environmentally irresponsible, but it can additionally open the door to a number of latent plumbing problems. You can never be sure that grease has made it all the way to the sewer main before warming up enough to leave a thick and problematic residue behind.

Good drain care can save you thousands. By educating your household on what and what not to flush or put down the drains, you can prevent costly blockages from ever occurring. Best of all, your diligence in this area will ensure that you always have the benefit of properly functioning drains throughout all areas of your home.

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