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How to Begin a New Hobby and Stick to It

Hobbies are great ways to help us expand our interest and to make time for the things that we love. It is a mistake, however, to assume that hobbies form naturally. You might love to paint, but unless you actively make time for that activity, you will never progress or finish any project you start. It is important to know how to begin a new hobby and stick to it, so that you gain the full round-up of benefits, from relaxation to fulfillment, to progression. To start your next hobby and to stick to it, follow these steps: 
Gardening - A Relaxing Hobby
1.    Find Hobbies Based on Existing Interests
The first step to beginning a new hobby is to choose one. The right hobby for you, however, might not be something you expect or even knew about. That is why the first step to adopting a new hobby is to first find out things you can do or learn based on your existing interests. You can check out and adopt a wide variety of new hobbies.

2.    Learn What You Can About the Hobby Beforehand
Before you get into a new hobby, however, you will want to learn what you can about it beforehand. Choosing the right customization options  can feel really overwhelming when you start, for example, but by reading up you can choose the right components for you. Similarly, sometimes new hobbies should be prefaced with classes, in the case of carpentry or other tactile hobbies that have specific safety requirements.

3.    Try it Out  
If you are unsure about starting your new hobby, or don’t have the skills to really enjoy it, the best way to circumvent these issues is to take a class or course. You can try it out, learn the skills you need to start and better yourself, and even make friends while you are at it. The more difficult the hobby, the more likely you will need to take classes to progress your skills. Learning to sew, for example, will likely require several levels of classes before you can feel comfortable taking on projects at home. Simpler classes like pottery, however, can give you the skills you need to start and experiment on your own from there.  

.    Invest in It
Hobbies can be something you do to get out of the house, or they can be your newest passion. Either way, if you decide you like and want to continue this new hobby, it is important to invest in it. This might mean investing in the necessary equipment, finding a workshop you can use, or just starting. What is important, no matter what hobby it is, is that you keep working at it. This is particularly important if you aren’t the best when you start. Don’t let your talent get you down, you will get better so long as you make time for it and keep at it.

Hobbies are great because they help you relax and expand your skills or experiences. When you can also produce great pieces and enjoy the fruits of your labor, however, then your hobby has paid off in a whole new way. Start a new hobby, and stick to it, and you can better your life.


  1. I tried to learn knitting and even took a class, but I just couldn't get the hang of it and ended up giving it up. Maybe someday I will go back to it.

  2. I have tri d many different hobbies. Some I still enjoy doing. Others have come and gone. Fun to learn something new and create something

  3. It's hard to have a hobby, as a busy mom! We have given up on some of our hobbies, like backpacking, but life changes and you adapt with it. It would be nice to pick up something new.

  4. I have too many hobbies! I don't devote any quality time to any of them. I am easily distracted, so its hard for me to concentrate on just one.

  5. I have always had an IN IT TO WIN IT mentality, so I have luckily had great willpower my whole life, thus starting new hobbies or routines is easy for me to stick to!

  6. Hobbies are awesome! Mine are reading and writing. I love to do both and I make sure to do them daily. I would like to get better with photography too.

  7. I feel like I had so many hobbies when I was younger, but now that i’m a mom, if I have free time, it ends up going to blogging, social media, or reading. I need to discover a new hobby!

  8. These are wonderful tips! Baking is one of my hobbies, I love creating new recipes and learning new skills.

  9. I have tried so many different hobbies over the years. Gardening is probably my least favorite! Haha! I like creative hobbies like sewing, etc.

  10. I love starting new hobbies, but definitely have issues with the follow through. Aside from reading, I really don't have anything that I'm passionate about. Unless writing counts? These are great tips!


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