Saturday, October 26, 2019

Autumn Family Adventure at Highland Hills #FallFun2019

Last Sunday,we decided to have a little adventure. My friends daughter lives in Highland Hills in Follansbee and they always hangout there since there plenty of space to run around, ride bikes, and explore the beauty of nature.  My daughter wanted to share how beautiful the view us so we went.
The place didn't disappoint.  There's a beautiful memorial garden where we decided to take some family photos.  I brought our camera and tripod to take the opportunity to capture the beauty of Autumn and also capture the moments of our adventure.
The houses nearby probably thinks that we are weirdos for taking photos in the cemetery lol.
Adjacent to the place us the Ohio River which provide picturesque view.
While the two anti-photo members of our family went ahead, I asked my son to pose for me.  The view is beautiful!
My hair stands up when I see creepy-crawlies like worms but our son loves to make them crawl in his hand.
Am I the only one who is afraid of worms?  Oh I can't stand the sight of them.  I would rather mess around with spiders, which is a big no-no to my husband 😂.
Anyway, I was trying to direct my kids for some photos but they just goof around so I just captured the fun.
Aside from the. river view, I thought this part of the cemetery is beautiful.  My husband calls it mini-Parthenon ☺.  I wanted to have our family picture taken in it.
Self timer in cameras comes in handy, it's just hard to run and pose with them lol.
Enjoying the river view.  If I am one of the residents near the area, I would frequent this place, the view was amazing.  It would be a great place to sit and contemplate, enjoy the view and the breeze.
My kids were wondering if we will ever capture a wandering soul in our pictures.  Fortunately there was none in the photos.
This was at the back of the mausoleum.  It represent the remains of the ones previously buried at the Steubenville site some 3,700 years ago.  

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  1. Woww! That's a gorgeous place! Added in my bucket list. Its nice to have a quick outing with the family every now & then!


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