Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Completing a Puzzle on Christmas, a Great Family Bonding

 A dear friend from Texas always sends us birthday and Christmas gifts every year.  One of the gifts they send the kids last year was a 1000-piece puzzle which we started on Christmas day.  It's always a fun bonding to do this with the whole family.

It's a great opportunity to turn away from being glued on the phone and have some brain activity while having fun together.
We have done 6 big puzzles over the years and I framed and hanged it on the wall.  It makes a great wall art display in our office.
I haven't frame this one yet but I will do that soon so it doesn't get damage on the dining table where it's at.
Building puzzle is so addicting.  I can't stop once I start so it doesn't last very long to complete one when we do it.
There was one piece missing once we completed it.  My guess is that, it got dropped on the floor and our pup help himself with it.
I love this nature themed puzzles, they really do made good wall decors when framed.

This puzzle is made in USA and was designed by David McClean.  I can't wait to pyut it on a frame and hang it on the wall.

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