Wednesday, August 31, 2022

19 Years and Counting

Say what?  Nineteen years already?  The naysayers predicted that we won't even last a couple of years when we first  got married but here we are, we have  proven them wrong.  The funny thing is, some of the ones that  said those predications are now separated from their partners, how about that!  
Anyhoo, it seems like it's not that long ago when we got  married.  Memories are still so vivid in my mind like it was just yesterday.  Maintaining good relationship with your spouse is not easy but we managed to  keep it together for nineteen years.  Two years of those were long distance when I was still processing my papers.  I'm so grateful that God blessed hubby and I resilient abilities to cope with the challenges of being apart.  Those two long years really tested us to communicate open in way possible.
I am so glad that communicating in this day and age is easier than moons ago.  It kept hubby and I up to date with each other when we were just starting with our lives.  In these 19 years, we have two wonderful kids that we love dearly and I can say that we still admire each other.  We changed physically but not emotionally.  Love handles and bulge here and there is just part of growing together.  

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