Friday, October 22, 2021

Homecoming, Sickness, and Getting Better

 This year is such a roller coaster, Covid is still wrecking havoc so everything is still in chaos.  I was still very weak overcoming the covid but managed to take a couple of pics with our kids and hubby before they went to their dates and dance.  

I can't believe that both of these kiddos look so grown up!  

My husband  is getting over covid as well but he only got it for a week and he got better unlike mine that lasted for almost a month.

I didn't even go outside our house just to be safe.  My daughter met her date outside our house and they took pictures outdoors.  I missed out on this one but it's okay, maybe next year would be better.
I am so grateful for having a husband who stood by me when I was at my deathbed.  I was literally bedridden for a couple of weeks.  I couldn't do anything and even find it hard to even breath.

I am taking it slow, slowly but surely day by day to get better.  This year is definitely worse for us health-wise but I'm still grateful that our children aren't sick.  They got cold but they got over it quickly.

6-mile Walk in Panhandle Trail, WV

 Hubby took a week off so we got a chance to go for a long walk over at the panhandle trail.  We walked the three mile mark and back making it to 6–mile then we jogged half a mile.

It was a great bonding with my husband.  It's been a while since we did it so I was happy we were able to.
By jogging though, my husband hurt his foot and was in pain for days after that, poor guy.
This was our first time reaching this distance so were able to see the part where we haven't seen before.
It was nice knowing some facts about the place.
This part of the trail was gorgeous so I couldn't resist not to ask my husband to take  a picture lol.
It's nice that they even provide plastic poo for the pets.
Some people drive here and ride their bikes and back.
The good time to walk here is early in the morning when the sun is not up yet so that you can go back without the sun zapping out your energy.
I would love to do it again sometime if we can.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Our 18th Year Wedding Anniversary

 Our 18th anniversary falls on the day of the funeral of a family friend.  So glad that my husband  worked at home that day, not that he intended it to be for our anniversary but for us to attend the funeral.  He was super busy with work that he actually forgot that it was our anniversary.  To be fair though, he  so mentioned it to me few days ago before  the exact date and bought me  a gift already  so I didn't mind.  It was funny, I handed him the card after we attended the funeral and he said "what is this?"  Lol, I just laughed.
I am grateful everyday that I married a man that really values family.  I always tell our children of how lucky they are to have a loving Dad like him.  
For our 18th wedding anniversary, our major project was the kitchen.  We're both glad that we have it done finally.  It's not cheap and it might  put us in a bind with  budget but I'm glad it's done and over with.  
We didn't do anything fancy, I didn't even cook a meal since we were too busy, in fact we  just ate  pizza from Di Carlo's!  It might sound terrible but we were all together so that's what matters.  Again, with funeral and everything, I just didn't have the energy to  do something special, I was emotionally drained.  Our friend's mom was a special lady, she was part of my children's childhood memories so I was very emotionally affected by her passing.  

Thursday, June 10, 2021

48th Birthday at Panhandle Trail

For my 48th birthday, we went to Panhandle Trail and walked three miles.  It was long time ago when we last walked  there, eleven years ago I think.  My children were just 5 and 3 years old when we went there with Jen's family.
Now, 15 and 13, it's been a long time, really so I am so glad that we went.  It was a special birthday treat.  
My husband took a day off which was a real nice gift.  A time spent with your love one is better than any expensive gifts you can ever received.  I love this because we seldom get to go for a long walk as he is always working and the kids are busy with school stuff as well.
The modern Panhandle Trail spans 29 miles from Walkers Mill in Collier Township, traversing through the Northern sector of Washington County, to Colliers, West Virginia. 
This Panhandle Trail is now part of The Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition, as well as the Great American Rail-Trail that spans from Washington State to Washington, DC.
There were few joggers and walkers there.  It's an overall relaxing place to unwind and enjoy the nature while burning some calories.
I would love  it if we went earlier but the kids overslept so the sun was out already when we went.  It was still relaxing because the trail is surrounded by trees and bushes.
We stopped at the stream and listen to the  sound of the water while catching our breaths.
In two years time, I will be in golden age, yay.  If it weren't for my knee injury, I would still be running.  I love to walk but sometimes I love running as well.  
My little guy is always ready to explore.  He went down and check the water.  I was a bit scared that he would fall and end up wet but thank goodness, he did not.
He saw the tree swqing and wants to try it as well.
I thought he would be able to swing but the rope is too far we couldn't reach it even  using a wooden stick.
It would have been nice if he was able to do it.
I am guessing that this part of the trail is a party place for some.  The smell of urine was very strong and there were camp fire traces in there.
We only walked up to 1.5 and we came back as the sun was already up and it was hot.
That's how I spent my birthday, out in the nature with my loves.  
To my children, I am grateful for the time you took to spend time with your mama.
To my husband, thank you very much for taking a day off.  I know that you are very busy with work but I really do appreciate that you spend a day with us.
I definitely want to go back there again.  I hope we can all go again as a family.  A walk with my husband would be great as well.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Our Christmas Celebration 2020

 I wish I would have been active in posting our family events as it happens but when your PC crashes, your motivation crashes as well.  I have been trying to post things  now that I have a laptop  but still can't post everything.  I just don't have the fire or drive anymore like I used to which is very sad because I like reading the old posts and it makes me smile.  When my PC crashed, a lot of my pictures were in that PC so I lost all of it.  The only ones I have is the ones I took with my camera.  I also saved some to my phone but now that my phone is full, I can't  download it on here either, ugh.

Anyway, our Christmas was just the same as last years.  We just went to church and with the pandemic going on, we really didn't do anything.  Even gift shopping was done online.
However, no matter the situation is, I love to decorate during Christmas.  It's the only occasion where I decorate.
When it comes to Christmas decoration, I think I am a hoarder lol.
The photo below was taken after we attended mass.

Who would have thought that this was the last Christmas we will be able to celebrate with our dog Bolt.
My husband will be missing him comes Christmas again, Bolt was his buddy.  I am missing him in the morning, he used to greet me beside my bed  when I wake up.  We used to  go on a long walk, he was my walking buddy, my protector. He definitely loved his walk.  I am tearing up just writing this.