Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Long Distance Walking and Running

I have been thinking of   jogging from our place to my father-in-law's place.  That's about 8.2 miles  total  from where we live and back.  So on May 21, I finally conquered my fear of going alone jogging.  My husband told me  not to go alone because the path includes the place where some of the   listed sex offenders live here in the city.  During my first 5-minute jog, my mind is battling whether or not to go ahead with my plan but  despite my fear, I went anyway.
Going down the Cove Road Hill is  a bit scary because there are parts where  there is no side walk.  I  was praying  to God to give me enough strength and  protect me from being hit by  cars.  It's a very busy roads where cars fly by that's why my husband was scared for me to go that way.  Going up Marland Heights Hill was the toughest part because it's a steep hill to walk.  When I arrived at Dad's house, he was still in bed so I made him some breakfast, unfortunately, he chose to drink   whisky instead of eating. Here was our conversation:

Me:  "You should not drink without food in your stomach Dad."
Dad:  "Oh an old buzzard like me doesn't need to eat, I need a drink that's all I want to do."
Me:  "It's not good for you to be drinking because if you fall, you might break your hip or break a bone".
Dad: "You remind me of my daughter-in-law, Rose.  Do you know Rose?"
Me: "It is me  Dad"
Dad: "You are not Rose."
Realizing that he doesn't recognize me anymore, I  just went along with the flow and continue with out conversation.
Dad:  "Rose is such a good girl, I love her"
Me: (Choking this time).  I am so  please to hear that Dad.

I texted my husband after I  came back home and he could not believe I did it.  I did not text him before I went because I know he would not let me go alone.  
The next day, May 22, he was off from work and I encouraged him to join  me  so that he would see that it is not as dangerous as he thought it would be.  He was skeptical because he knows how car fly by on Cove Hill but I convinced him to go.  Photo was taken in downtown Weirton.
He did not want to  go up the Marland Heights Road  so he showed me the  way where he used to  climb when he was growing up.  It was a very neat pathway.  While we were  climbing, he was telling me stories about his childhood which made the journey very special for me and him.
The path led to the golf course area so we have to  walk back to my father's in law's house.  I must admit, it was easier although a  bit longer.  The presence of the trees makes it more enjoyable to  hike plus I got a bonus, my husband's stories about his  childhood memories.
Dad 's memory  is not as sharp  anymore compared to last year so he sometimes forget who we are.  He kept telling my husband that a girl came by the day before and she made herself comfortable around the house.  She was telling us about  my visit but he can't remember that it was me.
After an hour of visiting Dad, we went back home.  We  chose to hike up Greenbrier Road instead of going back to Cove Road.  I think my husband regretted the idea since it was harder to hike the steep road  compared to Cove road, however, it was more relaxing because it  has so many trees to see.
Since we took different paths from my  walk the previous day, our miles went from 8.2 to 9 miles.  I was very surprised that I was able to do that walk again.  I thought for sure I will be so sore  the next day but I think the pain meds I took before going to bed that night helped me.  
I did one more trip alone on May 27th.  My sister-in-law and nephew Lee were there at Dad's when I arrived.  My sister-in-law and I made  Dad and Lee some breakfast.  After staying   a little bit, I head back home.
We did some more long walks and running after this.  I will post about separately since we  took our children with us.  I started them with just  a little over two miles one day and then  when my husband was off again, we  took them to a 9-mile walk.  Tune in and find out  how they did.  


  1. Well done, that's a great achievement!

  2. Your father in law is so sweet. My FIL loved me dearly, too and how I miss him. Congrats on conquering your fear.

  3. That is really a great way of working your cardio..

  4. A 9-mile walk is wonderful, but even more special was you and your FIL walking together, s special time together. As he ages, he needs you and yours even more. It takes a special person to help him along, and you are that special person!

  5. Sis R, it looks like you live in a place where there are many nature walks and trails. What a perfect environment to stay and keep healthy.

  6. Great shadows to enjoy. I am facing the eventual loss of my mothers memory. It's getting worse by the week. How nice he has good memories of you even though he no longer always recognizes you.

  7. love your area sis,,.very naturesque! Your FIL is one tough cookie...:)

  8. You have such a lovely area to go for walks in and I love that you are getting out there and enjoying the scenery!

  9. What a wonderful thing to accomplish.

  10. What a beautiful and scenic jog route. I know how awful it is to have those we love lose their memory. Sad times. I'm glad you are visiting him and handling it as well as you are. Stay safe and watch those curves.

  11. That looks a lot like my neck of the woods, very green and lush! :) Thank you for sharing wonderful post with us! :)

  12. Looks like such a great couple days! I love the photo of you holding the log up! I would want to do more running and walking in a place like that. - Erin Kennedy

  13. Aw I'm sorry about your dad's memory. I remember when that happened with my husband's gram. Enjoy that time you get together. :)

  14. That is such a beautiful area to walk! It stinks that you have to be so careful because of the area where there's sex offenders.

  15. I have not walked or run that far in such a long time. Losing memories are hard and it's beautiful that he has such fond memories of you.

  16. Awwww looks like you have a pretty great area to walk! Hubby and I love going on long distance walks!

  17. I just got a new pair of running shoes so I need to get moving. I also got a pedometer to track my steps.

  18. What an amazingly wonderful story and place to explore. I haven't found anywhere like that near me but I would love to.


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