Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our 9-MIle Journey to Fitness Part 4 - Marland Heights Hill

To continue my post about our 9-mile  family walk journey, I am showcasing the   hike  we did to the steep Marland Heights Hill.  We thought of  showibng the trail to the kids but since it was muggy that day, we were worried that there wil be lots of mosquito in the woods so we choose to take the  short but tought route.  It's also a scary road with kids because  there are parts where there is no  space for walkers.
Here pushing their best to reach for our detination, their Pap's house.
They were so releived seeing Dad's street lol.
They couldn't wait to get inside and  take a rest while visiting Dad.  He was  in bed when we arrived, it was around 10:30  and he was already drunk.  He fell from the bed when he tried to get up.  Hubby and I had a hard time picking them up.  It is very sad seeing Dad turninginto alcoholic.  He is  almost 93 and  drinking shuld not be part of his daily routine.  I wish I have the voice and tell the rest of the family to stop giving him whisky.
Anyway, we had fun visiting him.  He was ornery because he was drunk.  My husband made him  some potatoes for breakfast because he said that he  can't figure out how to  turn the oven on.
We let them eat and he kept asking me for a drink so I gave him water but he did not want that.  He then told me what kind of "grnd-daughter" I was  for saying no to him when he ask me for a drink.  I told him that I care for him that's why I don't want him to drink no more.  Besides he was already drunk and I was worried that when we leave, he is going to fal and his  his head somewhere.
After an hour or so, we  got ready to head head back.  He then told us that we only visited for 5 minutes.  Oh boy. Nevertheless, we had  fun visiting and I am sure he was   also glad that we came.  He might not remember it but that's how itgoes now that he can barely remember things.  I will be posting the last part of our journey, let us see if  thekids still have the strength toclimb the steep Greenbrier Road.  Find outhow they did on the next post.


  1. The elderly are usually the most stubborn people and I am sure you are so worried about him living on his own and drinking.

  2. Whah, at his age, umiinom pa siya... Seems you have a fun trip again sis.

  3. Another place you walked to get to your in law is really a nice place to go for walking.

  4. Walking is the best exercise Sis R. I LOVED the photo of all of you with your FIL, right there is a very priceless picture.

  5. That was one tough family walk you all had out there. Sad to hear about the kids' granddad, though, but I know he's happy to see all of you, albeit for a short while.


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