Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Filipino Martyrs Celebration

The Filipino Martyrs was celebrated last Saturday, September the 19th at St. Joseph Gymnasium.   There was also a mas  at the church but we did not attend it because I was asked by a friend to help her in the  food setting at the school.   The kids  have participated into the school choir and sung a couple of songs  during diner time.  
I went to school earlier  because we had to prepare/arrange the food into place before the mas   finishes. 
My daughter came  with me . I am sure that she was bored to death while waiting for her friends. U am glad she went with me because she got to watch my  bag and t she got to reserve a table for us.
The whole gymnasium was filled with tables and chairs for guests and parishioners to sit and eat.
I took  these photos  by Madonna High School while waiting for them to leave since  we were pushing carts of food going to the   St. Joe's building.
I missed to watch the kids performed as I was back in the  hallway, serving food. Glad hubby took some photos.
We did not  stay very long after dinner was over  because the kids had to serve   at the morning mas he next day. 


  1. I miss documenting events like I used to. Love that they celebrate events like this in your kids school. :-)

  2. It's nice of the kids to join the school choir, that's additional experience for them. It must have been a busy day for you, I hope you still enjoyed.

  3. Looked like an awesome experience for your kids. I love how you and your hubby support and encourage them to develop their talents.

  4. I bet this fun for the kids Sis R. You look great. Your son is being funny in the third picture.

  5. I love watching kids school presentation it brings me down to memory lane. When im still in grade school. It seems like you feel the cold breeze now sis by looking at your picture. You look nice by the way :)

  6. That's a wonderful experience and also the celebration, it's nice that your daughter came along with you to see of what help you did. She must be proud.

  7. So sure, nag-enjoy to the maxs ang mga kids. Nice of them to join school choir.


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