Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Playing Tennis at Marland Heights Tennis Court

We went to the tennis court in Marland Heights last Saturday, the new sports that these have been playing lately in the backyard is volleyball and tennis.  Tennis is such a  good sport to play if you want to burn some good aount of calories.  With  lots of running around catching and hitting the ball, you will sweat in no time.
 Sometimes I wish my kids are not so competitive because they forget how to have fun when playing.  When one is doing great, the other is upset, sigh.
 Hubby and I are  planning to  enrol them in a tennis summer camp next year.  Maybe they will develop their sportsmanship when playing with other people except themselves.
 Hubby and I played a   game and he crushed me lol.  I love it though because I get to this  laughing mode when I play so aside from having fun, I get to  laugh a lot!
It was hot last Saturday so I brought some watermelon
We have been practicing in the church  parking lot, just hitting the ball back and forth.  We  might  go to Starvaggi park this weekend to use the  tennis court there.  I am also lookong for  smaller rackets that   the kids can use as the ones we have are big for their hands and arms.  Any recommendation?


  1. so true Rose, tennis makes you burn a lot of calories, if your kids enjoy tennis, am sure they will enjoy tennis camp.

  2. My hubby knows how to pay tennis but I don't. I wish I could too.

  3. Your kids are so active. No scratch that. Your family is so active! It's so nice that you get to enjoy a lot of things as a family.

  4. another way to exercise and becoming healthier other than walking, tennis is all in one sports..

  5. What a perfect family time with your kids Sis R. They are sweating but looked like they had a blast.

  6. The tennis court looks great! And your kids are enjoying! That's makes it better!


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