Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why Getting a Dog Could Be Wonderful for Your Family

If you have children, and a busy household, you may wonder whether adding a pet into the mix may just make things even more hectic. However, getting a dog can really help your family bond and pull together, as well as giving your children a fun new playmate they can spend time with, and form happy memories with that will last a lifetime.
If your kids have been pestering you to let them have a dog, here are some of the reasons why bringing home a puppy could be a great idea!

Dogs Are Great Company

If you find your child or children need constant attention and will never seem to just play quietly on their own, a dog can give them some company and may well stop them hassling you when you are trying to get things done! A dog can be a really good friend for a child, especially for older children who can take the dog out with them when they go out by themselves to the shops or to the park. A dog can also be great company for you – when the kids are in bed you can hang out with your new pet and relax!

Looking After a Pet Teaches Kids Responsibility

Children can learn a lot from owning a dog. As well as learning about how to treat animals with respect, they can also learn how to take care of an animal that needs regular feeding, exercise and grooming. Depending on how old your child is, they can have different levels of responsibility for looking after the dog, with older children able to walk the dog by themselves, bath him and feed him, and younger kids learning by helping with these things. Puppies can offer an even better learning experience, as your child can see what goes into training a dog to be a good pet, and will learn all about animal psychology and how the way that you reward your pet affects his behavior.

A Dog Means More Exercise for All the Family!

Whether you get a rescue dog or a dog of a breed you choose from a breeder you can find on sites like http://www.littlepuppiesonline.com/ your pet will need lots of exercise – some breeds of dog need to run or walk for miles every day (though if you let them off the leash to run around you don't necessarily have to cover the same distance yourself!). This will mean that your family will have a reason to stay active in all seasons, and will not be able to skip on exercise just because they don't feel like it – after all, the dog needs it!

Getting a dog can help your family stay healthy and in shape, can teach your kids all kinds of things, and can also make for a great companion that will always be there for you. Why not talk with your family about getting a puppy or an older dog now?


  1. Oh my gosh. Good for you! My husband and I have allergies and I always notice the smell they leave in houses. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like dogs, I just think I won't be able to take care of a new baby especially when I just had one. :P I actually would like a tame dog for my daughter who's sooo afraid of them.

  2. Very well said, it's truly something that would also give the kids a responsibility and they can start it by taking care of the dog.

  3. Roooose! Don't tell me about it! Haha! K has been asking for a pet dog and since we live in a flat, it is not very conducive to have one. How sad!

  4. There are more pros than cons when you have a fur baby at home. The kids become more active and they become more affectionate.

  5. Dog, whah. we have lots of them sa house. May pros and cons din. But the big Con is yung mag-maintain sa needs ng dogs.

  6. Aside from great company, pets help owners cope with stress positively. ^_^


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