Friday, February 13, 2015

Embracing the Cold Weather Challenge

Despite the cold this morning, it was  very tolerable since it wasn't windy.  I went for a walk after attending the last half of the morning mass, right after  dropping off my kids to school.  I am determine to embrace the challenge this week of going for a short walk (maximum of thirty minutes) outdoors.  I failed to do that yesterday morning because I attended the school mass  at 9.  I was happy to be back at it again this morning. 
 Keeping fit this winter is a little  harder because I get  bored of doing my fitness routine indoors.  So even though I have a fear of  staying outdoors for a long time, I go with my kids in playing in the snow or going on a sled ride.  It's a good exercise for all of us, a great bonding as well.
Hubby said that he will train with me  when the weather  becomes nicer  and his membership to the gym expires.  I told him that we can just use the equipment we have at home and save the money he pays every month.  


  1. Very precious bonding with kids love it sis. We don't get that much snow down here and im loving it. However we can go to the mountain if we want to experience snow :)

  2. Summer or winter. for all season talaga ang bonding time mo with family. Envy na ako sa iyo.

  3. That's a great photo sis.It looks like you got hit this winter. I'm glad we moved in South which snow is seldom though I miss once in a while that's why we visit my in-laws and we got piled of snow there.

  4. Baguio pa lang, giniginaw na ako. I just hope when I get to experience snow, I can bear the coldness. ^_^

  5. the only thing we can do is to enjoy and have fun with the cold weather that we always have and make memories of it with our kids

  6. That must be fun, playing outdoors with the kids in the snow, and that is something we'll never get to experience here in the Philippines. How I wish we could do that, too, even for just a few minutes.


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