Thursday, February 12, 2015

When to Remove Excessive Earwax from a Child's Ears

Earwax is unsightly, uncomfortable and sometimes a little scary for parents. Safe removal is important, but getting into a child's ears without damaging them is daunting. There are specific tools for the job, but they are not what many would think. There is an old adage that a person should never stick anything smaller than his or her elbow in an ear. That is because ears are delicate organs. Medicines and medical tools made for earwax removal appreciate this and make removal much safer and less frightening for parents.

What is Earwax?

Earwax is actually a beneficial substance that keeps the skin of a child's ear canal lubricated. It also provides some protection from infection. It can even keep water out of the ear to an extent. Water being a major cause of ear problems in children, this is especially helpful. Therefore, when it comes time to decide whether to remove wax from a child's ear, be sure there is too much. Removing a healthy amount of earwax can leave the ear vulnerable.

Causes of Earwax Build-Up

Some people just produce an excessive amount of earwax. However, there are other reasons for build-up or compaction. These include hearing aids, earplugs and the use of cotton swabs. If a child uses hearing aids, their ears should be checked regularly. Cotton swabs should only be used to clean the exterior portion of the ear and should never be pushed into the ear canal.

When to Remove Excessive Earwax from a Child's Ears

When earwax builds up, it can put pressure on the inner portion of the organ, which can cause pain. Wax can also cause hearing loss. If a child is complaining of pain in the ear and there is a lot of wax in it, it may be time to remove the wax. Seeking the advice of a doctor is a good idea. If a child is dealing with hearing loss related to wax buildup, it is definitely time to remove the wax. The ears should be checked by a physician as well to rule out other causes of hearing loss.

Tools for Earwax Removal

The best tools for earwax removal irrigate the ears. They do not offer tools for insertion. They include ear irrigators, eardrops and cleansing sprays. These will remove the wax while preventing injury or further wax impaction. Click here for ear wax removal.

There are only a few simple rules to handling earwax with a child. If it is normal, let it clean itself because the body can and does handle it. If it is impacted, remove it with spray, irrigator or drops. Most importantly, never insert anything into the ear. Following these rules will take the stress out of child ear cleaning.

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