Thursday, January 31, 2013


Finding a store that offers high quality products at a very affordable price is must for a stay at home like me. I am very pleased when my orders from 10DollarMall arrived a couple of days ago.  Not only that  their products are all priced under  ten dollars but I also love the quality of materials.  I was pleasantly surprised that they could offer these prices and yet not sacrifice the quality.
Ms. Burrito is wearing a black dress that I won at auction site.
I got her the Black Shall with Feathers to go with the dress.  She loves it!
The Ivory and Black Dress with Red Bow Belt that I got can be worn alone or you can wear it with leggings.  I also like the black ribbon  by the neckline.
My photographer is Ms. Burrito by the way hehe
The add on accessory for the outfit I am wearing is a red rustic bead hoop earrings.  I also got a white long sleeve turtle neck which my daughter is  wearing  while having fun with our loving dog, Bolt.
Since the dress has a red bow belt, I chose  this pair of Red Suede  Wedge Heels to wear with it.  I also got the Silver  Flower Mini Wedges  for summer.
You can see how much I spent for  every items that I got.  Everything is under $10.
"Love" Red Suede Wedge Heels - Red 5.5
Item Number : 13-1-85/115745
Sku : 13-1-85/115745
Silver Gem Flower Mini Wedges - Silver 5.5
Item Number : 13-1-195/68571
Sku : 13-1-195/68571
White Long Sleeve Turtle Neck - White One Size
Item Number : H3-8/123077
Sku : H3-8/123077
Black Leggings With Brown Cheetah Print At Top - Black And Brown S
Item Number : B1-51/77342
Sku : B1-51/77342
Black Shall With Feathers - Black 6
Item Number : H3-56, H3-62/109241
Sku : H3-56/109241
Ivory And Black Dress With Red Bow Belt - Ivory And Black M
Item Number : C5-81/123232
Sku : C5-81/123232
Red Rustic Bead Hoop Earrings - Red
Item Number : A3-184/121415
Sku : A3-184/121415
Gift Card$59.32

I've seen some people's complained about the shipping rates but with my experience it's all good.  The key is, if you order more items, the lesser  shipping you have to pay.  As you can see I have seven items  and they packaged it in a big box but I only paid $5.32 for the shipping.

Oh, did I tell you that I  did not spend a penny for all these?  Thanks 10DollarMall for  giving me an opportunity to work with you.  I was given a $60 worth of gift card which I paid for all of the products above.  

So ladies, if you want to shop for fashionable clothes but don't want to put a big dent on your budget, check out 10DollarMall as all their items are under  ten  bucks.  You can check out their sale through the link I have provided above and like them in  Facebook to see their latest updates and deals!

Disclaimer:  All the products  mentioned above was given for free in return of an honest review.  There is no monetary compensation involve in writing this article.


  1. Anong malay ko rito..LOL But I do love your photos, Ang cute ng daughter mo sa mura nyang dress and look at you, parang social sa get up. Hindi nga kailangan na pricey ang dress, kahit na mura basta carry mo, oks talaga.

  2. Ang ganda ni Ms. Burrito! She is a darling in that dress, sis! How generous of 10DollarMall! Lucky you! :)

  3. Mommy you are looking good and the young lady looks beautiful in her black dress. Great items you got from 10dollarmall. :)

  4. Love your haul ate Rose they are pretty cool and sassy. You looks awesome with the white dress, it seems Rylie lose weight? I have stumble to 10dollar mall year ago but was pretty sad that they don't ship overseas dunno if they do now.

  5. oh my sis ganda naman nyan! Can we placed orders here even if were from Philippines? For sure you can save a lot out from this store. :)

  6. gorgeous merchandise for a very low price. great job!!! I love everything that you bought.

  7. everything looks pretty :D i love your little girl, she surely knows how to fashion her dress, ngmana kay mommy :D

  8. Looove your outfit!! Bagay na na bagay para sa Love month.. Red na red lang ang peg! =D HEhehe.. They look good on you and Ms Burrito! ;)

  9. I love your outfit too, very simple and yet very fashionable! I love the shoes!!!

  10. wow,all your choice of items are all look great wearing them.

  11. Like mother, like daughter. Both of you are pretty and fashionable.

  12. great finds.. will visit that shop now

  13. I should compliment that red heels! So gorgeous! :D

  14. I've been hearing a lot about the 10dollar store. Mommy Rose, you look really sexy in that dress...

  15. 10dollar mall is familiar to me because I heard it also from my mom. All of the items you chosen were beautiful and it's also affordable. Your daughter will become a fashion model someday.

  16. You both look lovely! Miss Burrito is rocking her dress! Model in the making. :) Great share. Very entertaining.

  17. both of you looks fabulous. i must say you look so gorgeous on that white dress with ivory and black dress! how generous of 10DollarMall.

  18. You are awesome models of such lovely dresses :) your little miss looks like a lady already and she has perfected the art of posing for the camera ...would love to check out the other clothes in the site! Have a lovely weekend sis...

  19. Your daughter is the sweetest little model!
    You really got some good bargains. I'll have to check out the site.
    Sweet playful puppy as well!

  20. Miss Burrito is growing up, she is so pretty. Love your cute pup too. Always great to get a good bargain! Happy weekend!

  21. Great post Rose. You all look great in your new clothes, both your daughter and you are natural models :)

  22. cheias de estilo, belas peças. Um abraço!

  23. Such pretty couple of girls...mama and daughter!! Ms. Burrito looks like abig girl now, wow! Thanks for dropping by. I love the cloths too.

  24. Good on you!! Lovely images all!

  25. Seems a perfect shopping place :)
    Enjoying your photos. Love all outfits.
    Visit u back here.

  26. I have a shoe fetish, and I must say...I adore those red shoes!!!

  27. especially love the sepia shots
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  28. nice! super pretty naman tong mga models na look great on that dress're like a teenager...ehehehe!

  29. Nice outfits, and your daughter is also a good photographer, as are you.

  30. Great shots! You both look gorgeous.

    My entries:
    Liz (mcn)
    Liz (mot)

  31. That is really cheap, Rose. I love ecerything you bought and Ms Burrito is so cute in her black dress.

  32. Came back here to see lovely models :)
    Thanks for dropping by, Rose.

  33. So cheap, and also beautiful. I want to buy something later.

  34. I love the earrings. I bet I could make these.


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