Thursday, January 29, 2015

Walking on Winter Times

It's challenging to keep up with fitness goals  during Winter times.  I mean I like it that I have  some  exercise machine at our  mini gym downstairs but nothing can compare the feeling of  walking/running   outdoors.  Whenever the  winter temperature is bearable, I  make sure to go out for a walk after  dropping my kids off to school.  It's painful  during the  first 15 minutes but  as you get warmed up, it gets better.  
This week though, I did not have the opportunity because  it's snowing so  hard and  also rained so it's icy outside, too dangerous to walk.  The key is to bundle up ,before you go out so that your fingers won't feel like you are having a frost bite lol.


  1. I am loving your outfit Sis. You look warm and cozy indeed.

  2. oh i've seen others who did walk or run even during winter, must be have a great stamina to survive the cold weather.

  3. My husband likes to walk in winter. This year winter,we kinda slow down,i've been sick and got viral bronchitis so hubby enjoy house painting.

  4. Nice get-up for winter, sis! I'm sure you'll find a way to exercise inside your home while it's snowing heavily outside. Stay slim and healthy, like always!

  5. I never liked winter. When we were at Milan some years ago, I detested bundling up with layers of clothes and winter accesories.


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