Monday, January 12, 2015

Fresh Possibilities In January from BeautyBox5

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Hola 2015!   BeautyBox5  promises  fresh possibilities with their  January edition's samples.  This month's box includes an eye shadow, salon effect nail accessories,  eye mascara,vitamin and body wash, and daily care fortifying shampoo.  As the Beauty Box 5 puts it:
The beginning of the year can mean new challenges, but rather than shying away from confrontation, greet them wholeheartedly with a smile and a twinkle in (and lining) your perfectly accented eyes!  You never know what new opportunities are on the horizon, so put your well manicured self forward and say hi to fresh possibilities!
This Nutri Serums Body Nourishing wash from Softsoap  is great to treat your body with rich moisture and a super fresh scent.  I used this  last night when I took shower and smells divine.    I love the little softening pearls in it because it has Vitamin E that helps hydrate  your skin and Omega 3 and 6 that helps your skin  retain the moisture all day long with the harshness of winter   season.  My daughter said that it's  fun to use.  
Every now and then, I  switch  hair care because my scalp tends to dry especially during the winter because I use hot  water often.    I have never tried  Garnier Fructis before and this is a great opportunity or me.  I was skeptical to use it last night but tried it anyway.  It turned out, I like it a lot!  The smell and the  after effect of it in my hair and scalp is awesome!  This shampoo has a grapefruit antioxidant and proteins that leave your hair fortified, soft and shiny.
I just painted my nails  the other day so I did not try this  Sally Hansen Salon Effects  real nail polish strips.  My niece in law used this kind  during the holidays and she also did my daughter's fingernails, they were gorgeous.  I can't wait to use this on my nails.  The good thing is, this  could last to up to ten days.  What I like is that you can just peel and apply the strips to your nails with no fuzz.  
As you may know me, it just last year that I started  exploring the make up section and that is because BeautyBox5 provides me with  different  products that I could try.  I still have a lot to learn as I don't  do make up everyday, just very seldom when I am in the mood.  These eye shadows can really make your your eyes smokey and beautiful.
The last but not the least is this Ultrafresh gold standard mascara in blackout.  I love that the bristles are so soft.YOu can make your lashes so dramatic with this.  If you are feeling bold, you can layer two or three coats for the most va-va-voom effect.  
In my case, I only applied it on my lashes once so you can barely tell I am wearing mascara.  I don't really need that va-va-voom effect since I am just home.
This year, I promise to take care of myself and try to  be confident and feel fabulous ha ha ha.  Let us see about that!  It is really a challenge for me to put make up on, it is  just not my thing but for fun sake, I do it once in a while.  


  1. Wow! what a good way to start the year.

  2. haha! ako din so tamaditis na to put make up on unless i am anticipating a photo opp or i have a lifestyle event to attend to. nevertheless, i want a beauty box too! sana meron din niyan dito. :)

  3. I love it sis. Being fabulous is important especially we're stay at home mom..I'm starting to taking care of myself too, my daughter is growing up I don't want her to embarrass me one day because I don't taking care of myself like other mom.hehehe

  4. Awww! You look beautiful Mommy Rose :-) You look blooming too. I like the cosmetics that are in your beauty box.

  5. pretty nice collection they sent out this january...

  6. Hello, Sis Rose! I don't think I have one drop of kikay blood in me! My sisters and cousins give me lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and stuff but I end up giving them away too. I guess its not in my nature. I just wish I could learn to be more of a girl. haha. Maybe if they had those beauty boxes here, I would be interested to use it. :) You sure are lucky to have a beauty box sent to you every month!

  7. Like you, I also know so little about make-up. My usual routine is just pressed powder and lipstick, but I'm trying to improve on this department by buying an eye pencil for the brows and eye shadow, too. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your make-up experiments.

    1. Sadly, that's the most I could go with make up hahaha.

  8. I used to wear make up a lot-not so much anymore. Now I only apply it if I have to go somewhere special. I do like those eyeshadow shades! I have used Fructis-it is very good! That was a lot to get in one box!

  9. Ehhhh! Love what's inside the box! I love everything, especially the Nutri Serums! :)

    you are very beautiful, Ate Rose! :)

  10. I am not into makeup but I am planning to take care of myself especially I am almost 40. As what they say, life begins at 40. I would love to try those mascara sis.

  11. I love the nail polish stripes! It it cute. Perfect for my daughter.

  12. My scalp tends to dry during the winter too and it's so annoying. I will have to check Garnier and try it out.

  13. You and your little boxes of goodies. I think it would be exciting to get new stuff to try out all the time. I would be waiting on my package each month. You have received some pretty nice stuff.


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