Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Spirit

I was a bit surprised that some of my readers were "surprised" that I put up my Christmas tree already. That is why I miss my  country  during this time of the year because  you can feel the Spirit of Christmas as soon as the BER month has started.  We do not have Thanksgiving in the Philippines so  I can understand why over here, they want to put their Christmas decor right after the  Thanksgiving.
Anyway, even the stores   would agree to what I am  feeling as they  display their Christmas decors earlier than mine lol.  


  1. I put up my Christmas tree early too so I can feel the spirit already. I always say, "para sulit naman ang decoration, matagal-tagal nakaka set-up. "

  2. So many Christmas tree!!! Yep indeed, here in PH people feel the Christmas spirit earlier :) And it makes them unique for that!:D

  3. Those Christmas decoration specially the lighted penguin looks so darn cute!

  4. We usually put up our decors right after Undas. This time though, we're putting it off a couple of weeks. There's just not much Christmas spirit around after the devastation of Yolanda. But we Filipinos are very resilient so I'm sure Pinoys would still find it in their hearts to find joy this season and celebrate with glee.

  5. How fast year has gone by huh? I see a lot of christmas decorations everywhere too.

  6. I can already feel that the Christmas is near by just seeing your photos. I have my Christmas garland at home and planning to buy a Christmas tree soon.

  7. I love Christmas! It is my favorite holiday.

  8. I like putting up our Christmas tree the day after the thanksgiving. I like to put it up as early as I can so I can really enjoy the tree. Well, not just me, but the kids as well. :) I love Christmas season, but this Christmas is going to be a different one.


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