Monday, November 25, 2013

5 Secrets Men Love about Women

Men are creatures who would never admit how much they love something about their woman or someone whom they like for a very long time. From women’s perfume, to her body, and even to her wits, men can’t deny the fact that some little things just don’t go unnoticed when they secretly love something about this world’s goddesses. 

1. Your scent. Men secretly love to smell their woman, especially her natural scent. When you come across a man that’s like to sniff your hair, your neck, or your ears, it’s because he likes to stimulate his senses with the way you smell. Men adore women who take care of their hygiene because it only reflects how you take care of other people. If you’re conscious of how you smell, you can definitely wear women's perfume that men love, such as Euphoria by Calvin Klein

2. Your body. Men won’t admit this but they secretly love a woman’s body, especially when it’s sexy. They won’t mind the small amount of fats on your arms, legs, or tummy as long as you’re keeping your body healthy. They don’t normally say it out loud but they’re definitely keeping tabs on the food you eat and your diet. They don’t want you to be anorexic but they don’t want you eating more than their share either. They want to see you rocking that lingerie and have a great stamina inside the bedroom. Men are naturally outgoing and they enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities and if they really like you, they’ll expect you to join them once in a while. 

3. Your wits. It’s human nature to get attracted primarily to a person’s physical appearance: she has a gorgeous body; he has nice flat abs. However, loving something about an individual goes beyond beauty that is only skin deep. After a couple of dates, men can already estimate if you’re the hooking-up type or if you’re the type who’s going to meet his parents. One of the biggest turn-ons for men is your wits and the depth of your thinking. An intelligent woman gains knowledge beyond gossip shows and glossy magazines. Men secretly want a woman who’s educated. 

4. Your manners. They say a person’s upbringing shows during a heated situation. Men like a woman who acts like a lady, even when the situation calls for a heated argument. They like to defend you and display their manliness instead of you, acting like a man yourself. Displaying bad manners in public is actually a big turn-off and you’ll find your man running away from you as fast as he can. 

5. Your spending. Men secretly love a woman who knows how to save and manage her finances well. Nowadays, a lot of women undergo debt because they become too materialistic, thinking they can live a celebrity lifestyle. In addition to that, men also observe if you’re a gold digger type or not. For men who are successful in their careers and bag a hefty amount of money, they want to be loved genuinely for who they are and not for their money. 

Now that you know these secrets, it’s time to make some improvements before you head out on your date.

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  1. true to all the 5 reasons mentioned above, a man loves a woman not only because of the physical qualities but more on the inner qualities :)


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