Friday, May 9, 2014

Google Shirts

The shirt with my daughter's winning design printed on it arrived last Saturday. Google sent this for my daughter to wear on Wednesday during the special assembly in school for the awarding ceremony.  The awarding is scheduled today, April 29th, Tuesday but  Ms. Burrito's  Gifted Class  teacher won't be able to attend so they asked  if they can have it on Tuesday, and Google agreed.
Anyway, she just woke up when my husband handed her the Fedex box containing the two shirts that Google  sent.  One is for adult and one is for her.  The shirt for her is so big.  It is a size small for adult which is  even bigger for my size. 
Now the shirt for adult was an XL Youth, if hubby has to accompany my daughter for the luncheon party in California in May, his size is Large so I don't know.  Hubby said I could go with  my daughter and they will  wait in the hotel until the ceremony and that's when they would go to attend and be with us.
This was the design she created  for her entry for the 6th Annual Doodle4Google  contest.  Her gifted program teacher  gave her  the form and she was very interested in it.  Her theme was about creating a cure  for cancer.
Her draw around the Google word, designed the heads of the scientists on the  two o's.  I think  she did pretty well designing it.  I hope and pray that her design gets to advance in the top 5 finalist, we will need your support/help on this.  That being said, hubby and I  set Google Analytics goals to help achieve the support that my daughter needs for her entry.
Today will start the voting process for the 50 finalists.  All their designs will be posted in Google  website for the public to cast their vote.  I hope that you will be able to help out my daughter's design and cast your vote.  She really wants to win this for her school.  As you all know, their school is a small  Catholic and private school so they don't really get full funding from the government.  We pay  tuition every year.  If she wins, Google will give the school 50k which will greatly help the school.

Please help my daughter realized her dream  of helping her school  by hopefully winning this contest.  It is a shot in the dark but  with your help,  it is possible.  The 50 designs will be  displayed at Google's website  for the public to cast their votes.  The above design is my daughter's entry, she is representing the State of West Virginia.


  1. Wow congrats!!! my husband said ang galing nya naman daw ;) Will vote for you!

  2. These are so cute! Love how they say google lol :) great job!

  3. This is a HUGE stepping stone for Rye.... She's already a winner but I'm wishing and praying that she'll get the BIG prize! Congrats again Rye...we are happy and proud of you!

  4. Darn, it will only let you vote once and I voted already!! I will be praying that she makes it to the top five-then on to first place!

  5. Your lovely daughter is such a clever one. Hope and pray she got the spot. Go Ms. Burritos.

  6. Way to go rylie! your doodle's on the shirt - can i have one too :)

    Good luch baby. Will pray for your win!

  7. Wow I did vote Do Pink Saturday to get votes .That is so great .


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